SHAW Joins Team Europe

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歐洲隊隊長 Alex Lely 將首張外卡給到了 Jayson Shaw 。這也將會是 Shaw 連續第五度參加莫斯考尼盃。而其他的三張外卡人選也將在接下來幾周中陸續出爐。

Shaw 於2016年首次於莫斯考尼盃亮相,他在當年喧鬧沸騰的 Ally Pally 球迷面前打進最終致勝九號球,並在2017年再次成為關鍵貢獻者,為歐洲隊留下冠軍獎盃。歐洲隊雖於2018與2019年皆敗於美國隊,但他仍成為對上資深成員。

“很榮幸能重返歐洲隊,這將是我第五次參賽,所以我在團隊中擁有很多經驗。我認為今年通過四個外卡來決定成員歐洲隊將會有所不同。這並不表示說過去幾年我們不夠強,但我認為隨著隊長的外卡選擇,將比以往更強大。每年季末的莫斯考尼盃是每位球員都想參加的一項盛事,我現在正祈禱著一切順利,然後,我們可以做我們最擅長的事情… 那就是打撞球,並享受著它。” Shaw 說道。

“他的擊球非常好,它是一個以團隊為先的球員,他是冠軍,尤其他正在成長為一名領導角色的球員。多年來,他已是一位經驗豐富的莫斯考尼盃球員。在球場外,他將扮演重要角色,以帶動團隊並將傳遞其氛圍於隊上。” 隊長 Lely 補充說道。


2019 Mosconi Cup XXVI - DAY 1 Jayson Shaw

Jayson Shaw will make his fifth consecutive appearance on Team Europe at this year’s partypoker Mosconi Cup after being selected as captain Alex Lely’s first wildcard pick for pool’s showcase event, which will take place at Alexandra Palace, London, this December 1-4, live on Sky Sports and DAZN.

Shaw joins automatic qualifier Fedor Gorst on the team, with Lely and vice-captain Karl Boyes to select three further wildcards over the coming weeks.

Former US Open champion Shaw made his partypoker Mosconi Cup debut in 2016 and made the winning 9-ball in front of a raucous Ally Pally crowd that year. Shaw was again a key contributor as Europe retained the Cup in 2017 and has become a senior member of the team despite defeats to Team USA in 2018 and 2019.

“I am delighted to be back on the team,” said Shaw during his unveiling, which was broadcast on Matchroom Pool’s YouTube channel and social media pages.

“It is what everybody plays for all season, to try and play in the Mosconi Cup and I feel honoured to be back on the team. I am praying now I am in that everything goes smoothly, and we can get back to a bit of normality for everyone. Then we can do what we do best, which is playing pool, and get out there and enjoy it.

“This will be my fifth time, so I have a lot of experience in the team. I know what is going on, I know how to try and push the players up and make sure everybody is ok. I think this year with the four wildcards it is going to be a little bit different for Team Europe. Not saying we weren’t strong in the last couple of years, but I think with the wildcard picks for the captains it is going to be much stronger than it has been.

“Since the lockdown, I let it go for the first couple of months, but the last month and a half I have been really finding it difficult. Finding stuff to do all of the time is hard work but I’m trying to play as much golf as I can just to keep that competitive style going. I’m practicing at home every night but I need something else for that feeling of competing in something.”

“He shoots amazingly good pool, he is a team player, he is a champion, and in particular he is a player who is growing into a leadership role,” added captain Lely. “With the years, he is an experienced Mosconi Cup player and with that experience, away from the table he we will have a big role to play as well to carry the team and to carry the ambience in the team.”

Team USA captain Jeremy Jones will announce the second player to join his roster next week.

Matchroom Pool are still hopeful and determined the partypoker Mosconi Cup will take place this year and are in constant detailed discussions with the relevant organisations and personnel to stay up to date. Our highest priority is the safety of everyone connected with the event however we are working hard to explore every avenue to making this work and will continue to do so, if it is possible.

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