USA Announces 2016 Atlantic Challenge Cup Team Captain

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The Billiard Congress of America today announced its team’s Captain to face the Europeans during this year’s staging of the Atlantic Challenge Cup taking place July 8 – 11, 2016 in Schaumburg, Illinois (just outside Chicago).

“The Billiard Congress of America has relied on the Billiard Education Foundation and its partners to assemble the most competitive team possible for the 2016 Atlantic Challenge Cup,” said BCA CEO Rob Johnson. “They have done an outstanding job with the player selection and we are now equally pleased to announce they have selected Earl Munson to return for his second consecutive year of leading Team USA for the ACC.  Earl has dedicated a significant portion of his career to working with junior players and is extremely qualified for this challenging position.”

Munson, who has nearly two decades of experience working with US junior players, returns as Team USA Captain after leading the 2015 Team USA to a near upset in the inaugural ACC. In addition to serving as Team USA Captain, he is also entering his 11th year as the USA BEF Junior National tournament director and is a three-time USA team leader for WPA World Junior Championship events. During the past 13 years, Munson has organized, directed and coached billiards as part of a program to offer pool in school for 16 high schools and hundreds of junior players. He has also been a certified billiard instructor with the BCA and PBIA for more than 18 years.

To be appointed captain of Team USA again, Munson is extremely honored and grateful to work with these talented young athletes and professional team staff. “Being Captain of Team USA is the absolute pinnacle of my career and I feel very confident that this team will represent the USA well,” said Munson. “We warmly welcome the Europeans to the US and hope this year’s match-up will be as exciting as last year’s inaugural event.”

During the 2015 Atlantic Challenge Cup, Munson is credited with refocusing Team USA during a narrow defeat of 9-11, after having been severely down 3-8 in the match. His experience as last year’s Captain has given Team USA valuable knowledge of what critical areas the USA needs to improve upon to be viably competitive with this year’s talented European team. Munson, and his world-class group of professional player coaches, have worked hard to prepare Team USA to compete for the Cup on American soil.

Press release issued by the BCA & EPBF.

2016 Atlantic Challenge Cup - Earl Munson Team Captain of USA

Earl Munson

美國撞球協會與撞球教育機構宣布,由Earl Munson擔任本屆大西洋挑戰杯美國隊領隊職務,這也是其連續第二年擔任領隊職務,他將帶領Chris Røbinson等美國小將在7月8日-11日進行的第二屆大西洋挑戰盃中與歐洲隊展開對抗。

“協會攜手撞球教育機構(BEF – Billiard Education Foundation)來組建最具競爭力的大西洋挑戰盃隊伍,”美國撞球協會首席執行官Rob Johnson說,“他們(BEF) 的球員選拔完成的非常出色,現在我們同樣宣布,由Earl Munson連續第二年擔任領隊一職。Earl一直致力於與青少年選手合作,這是他事業的一部分,因此他特別適合這個具有挑戰性的職務。”


再度出任美國隊領隊,從而和這些年輕的卓越運動員以及專業團隊合作,Munson感到非常自豪和感激。“擔任美國隊領隊絕對是我的事業巔峰,我也非常自信這支隊伍會表現得很棒,” Munson說到,“我們熱烈歡迎歐洲隊來美國,同時也希望今年的比賽能和去年一樣精彩。”