Spectacular shooting by Roos – 歐錦賽10號球項: Roos 強勢取連勝

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At the Dynamic Billard European Championships 10-ball, Caroline Roos (SWE) outfought Diana Khodjaeva (BEL) with a convincing 6:1 result.

In the women’s 10-ball division, 43 players in total strive for the title. One match on the winner’s side was Caroline Roos versus Diana Khodjaeva. After four racks, Roos was already up 3:1 over Khodjaeva. The Belgian obviously struggled with her performance today. She played a push-out which Roos used to run out the rack, taking a 4:1 lead. Then, Roos ran the rack again but missed the 9-ball. That was the perfect opportunity for Khodjaeva to get a foot in the door again and to make it a match. But to the contrary, Khodjaeva also missed the 9-ball and left it hanging over the pocket for Roos. Caroline made the remaining two balls and went on the hill with 5:1. The 7th and final rack turned out to deliver the final point needed for Roos to win the match with 6:1 and proceed to the next round. Khodjaeva will get another chance on the loser’s side but she will need to improve her performance if she wants to repeat the success of last year when she won the bronze medal in 10-ball.

Other remarkable results in the women’s division include Tina Vogelmann (GER) winning 6:5 over favored Nataliya Seroshtan (RUS). Marharyta Fefilava (BLR) also seems to be on a good roll theses days. Today, she defeated Polish heavyweight Katarzyna Wesolowska (POL) 6:2. Defending Champion Kamila Khodjaeva (BEL) is right on track. She won her first match over Zrinka Antonijevic (CRO) clearly with 6:1 and will face Sandra Baumgartner (AUT) in the next winner’s round tomorrow morning at 10:45 CET.

榮獲瑞典2013年度最佳球員及在自己家鄉 Norrtälje (諾爾泰利耶) 獲頒2015年最佳女運動員的新生代女子選手 Caroline Roos 在歐錦賽10球項目,以6:1的大比數擊敗比利時的 Diana Khodjaeva

女子組10號球項目總共有43位選手力拼冠軍頭銜。在一場勝部比賽,由瑞典的 Caroline Roos 對上比利時 Diana Khodjaeva 中,四局過後 Roos 取得3:1的領先。Khodjaeva 在第5局的 push-out 反倒給了 Roos 機會清光台面,比數來到 4:1 。Roos 下一局的衝球局中 在 9號球上發生失誤,給了 Khodjaeva 機會,但無法把握住此機會,同樣的出現失誤,Roos 最後就以6:1取得勝利。而 Khodjaeva 在輸掉比賽後落入到敗部,她去年在10號球項目拿下銅牌,如果想複製去年的成功,在往後的比賽中勢必得有更加優異的表現。

其他比賽方面,德國的Tina Vogelmann以 6:5 打敗俄羅斯的 Nataliya Seroshtan。白俄羅斯的年輕好手 Marharyta Fefilava 則以 6:2 擊敗了波蘭的 Katarzyna Wesolowska。衛冕冠軍 Kamila Khodjaeva 以6:1 將克羅埃西亞的 Zrinka Antonijevic 送進敗部。她下一場勝部的比賽將迎來奧地利的 Sandra Baumgartner

2016 Austria EC - 10Ball Spectacular shooting by Caroline Roos

In the men’s division, Albin Ouschan (AUT) has already lost his first match in the first round versus totally unheralded Jani Uski (FIN). In the next round, Ouschan met Ruslan Chinakhov (RUS) who lost his first match 5:8 to Niels „The Terminator“ Feijen (NED). What a tough draw for Chinakhov! Out of 110 participants in total in the men’S division, he drew Feijen and Ouschan. Ouschan played better than Chinakhov and won 8:3 over the unfortunate Russian.

After a tough fight, Roman Hybler (CZE) managed to subdue Maksim Dudanets (RUS) with the closest of all results, 8:7. A big upset was probably the 8:0 victory of Onur Yildrim (TUR) over long-time top player Fabio Petroni (ITA). The Italian could not get going at all and needs to hope for something to bring him back to his game. Daniel Kandi (DEN), music star from Denmark and one of the better known names in the worldwide party scene, managed to defeat hometown hero Mario He (AUT) with 8:4. Dutch youngster Marc Bijsterbosch (NED) vanquished his teammate Nick van den Berg (NED) with 8:5 and gave him extra work to do on the loser’s side.

男子組方 面,Albin Ouschan 首場比賽意外敗給來自芬蘭的 Jani Uski。他在下一場比賽遭遇到俄羅斯潛力新秀 Ruslan ChinakhovChinakhov 首場比賽 5:8 不敵荷蘭”終結者” Niels Feijen。而在所有110位參賽選手中,他在頭兩場比賽就分別遭遇到兩位強勁的對手 Feijen 及 Ouschan,最終不幸地均敗下陣來。對於寄予厚望的俄羅斯隊來說,無疑是一大重擊。

經過一番纏鬥後,Roman Hybler最終 8:7 力克俄羅斯的 Maksim Dudanets。義大利的好手 Fabio Petroni 在無法找回手感下,爆冷遭來自土耳其的Onur Yildrim以8:0完封。丹麥的 Daniel Kandi 則以8:4贏得對上 Mario He 的比賽。荷蘭小將 Marc Bijsterbosch 以 8:5 力克他的隊友 Nick van den Berg


In the wheelchair division, defending Champion Jouni Tahti (FIN) celebrated his birthday today. To only one who probably did not like the celebration was his opponent Matt Duffy (GBR) who had received a 0:6 doughnut from Tahti. Henrik Larson (SWE) remained the upper hand over Tony Southern (GBR) with a solid 6:3 victory. Roy Kimberley (GBR) and Kim-Ronny Nygaard (NOR) also won their winner’s round matches.

最後在輪椅組方面,芬蘭名將 Jouni Tahti 以 6:0 完封他的對手來自英國的 Matt Duffy,來慶祝自己的生日。瑞典好手 Henrik Larson 強勁的表現,6:3 戰勝英國的 Tony Southern。英國的 Roy Kimberley 與挪威的 Kim-Ronny Nygaard 也分別在勝部取得勝利。


The Dynamic Billard European Championships will continue tomorrow morning at 09:00 local time with matches in the 10-ball discipline, men, women and wheelchair division.

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