Player of the Year 2015 – the vote is on! EPBF 2015年度最佳球員票選

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The vote for this year’s EPBF Player of the Year is on…

Starting today, the public voting can be done on

Nominees for this coveted trophy are:

They have all performed extremely well in 2015 and would all deserve the trophy. However, there can only be one player holding the title in the end.


The voting consists of three parts:

  • The public vote
    The website for the public vote will be open from now on until March 20th, 2016. The votes then will be counted and points will be awarded to the players, depending on how many votes they have received.
  • The member vote
    All national federations will get a vote and can support the athlete of their liking.
  • The Sponsor/Board/Special vote
    Special individuals will also get a voting card and can help their favorite through the card.

All points through the three channels will be added and lead to the winner who will be presented during the player’s party of this year’s European Championships for Men, Women and Wheelchair Players in St. Johann, Pg., Austria.

Support your personal favorite and give your vote TODAY!

Vote for Player of the Year 2015 EPBF

一年一度的 “EPBF 年度最佳球員” 票選也已於日前展開。 今年獲得提名的球員有 Kamila KhodjaevaNiels FeijenJasmin Ouschan, Jouni Tahti 及 Francisco Diaz。5位選手在2015的表現都相當出色,但最終僅有一位球員能舉起獎座。最終票選結果將於4月在奧地利聖約翰所舉辦的歐錦賽中揭曉。


  • 公開投票 (截止日為3月20日。所有球迷都可於網站上進行公開投票。)
  • 會員國投票
  • 贊助商/理事會/特別加權 投票

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