Newly-crowned Albin Ouschan becomes the youngest-ever China Open Champion – Albin Ouschan成9球中國公開賽最年輕冠軍

2015 China Open - Albin Victory moment

The 24 years old Albin Ouschan of Austria has just won his first big tournament of his career. Albin Ouschan overpowered the Canadian top player John Morra (CAN) with 11:8 and obtained the crown of the 2015 China Open.

Ouschan’s first match played against Jalal Yousef from Chile. Ouschan ended up well, and defeated Yousef with 9:6. In the next match, Ouschan played Che-Wei Fu from Taiwan, both players played solid, however, Fu played a bit better, Ouschan lost 8:9 in the end.

Then Ouschan faced the Filipino player Johann Chua, it was a really tough match with ups and downs for Ouschan. At 7:7, Chua made a big mistake which put Ouschan in the lead, and won the match with 9:7 to qualified for the last 32.

His first match in the single elimination had to deal with Ping-Chung Ko (TPE). In the match, Ko had problems with the break, in which he always got the white kicked out of position, on the other side, Ouschan’s break was almost perfect and ran out his racks, and his safety was also good, Ouschan took down Ko with 11:7.

2015 China Open - Albin Ouschan

Then he against Mateusz Sniegocki from Poland which Ouschan was 3:7 down, then everything seems turned lucky for him, and he closed the book on the match to win with 11:8. And Ouschan continued to made his way with victories over Lee Vann Corteza 11:6.

In the semifinals, Ouschan met a young Chinese 8-ball player Chu Bingjie, both players are played absolutely perfect and run out about 6 racks each, nevertheless, Ouschan was always 1 or 2 racks behind Chu until at 8:8, Ouschan played two perfect jump shot to make it to the final, send Chu Bingjie home with 11:8.

John Morra did not have smooth sailing in the tournament. To the contrary, he lost his first match with Vietnamese Do Thekien 5:7. And had to make his way through the loser’s side. He came up with an impressing performance, overcame Marc Bijsterbosch (NED) 11:8, Warren Kiamco (PHI) 11:9, Fu Jianbo (CHN) 11:10 and Nick van den Berg of Netherlands with 11:8, booked a seat in the final match with Albin Ouschan.

The championship match could be the youngest final ever between the two. In rack 7, jumped the 1-ball, a lucky combo 9 put Ouschan to get a 5:2 lead over Morra, and then two of them run out every rack to 10:7.

Although Morra extends the match by winning his breaking rack, Albin was the more consistent player when he ran out the 19th rack to win the champion with 11:8.

“I feel just great! Still can’t believe what I did that all the hard work finally paid off! One of the happiest days in my life!” said Albin after the match.

With this victory, Albin Ouschan becomes the youngest-ever China Open Champion. And probably be the new World No.1 in the rankings.

2015 China Open - Albin Ouschan with Trophy

世界9球中國公開賽男子組決賽落幕,來自奧地利年僅24歲的Albin Ouschan 11:8戰勝加拿大選手John Morra,獲得冠軍。

Albin Ouschan是女子名將Jasmin Ouschan的弟弟,曾經贏得歐巡賽冠軍和2014男子九球世錦賽亞軍。 Ouschan接連戰勝柯秉中、波蘭選手Mateusz Sniegocki及2013年冠軍Lee Vann Corteza後,與楚秉杰的四強賽十分膠著,兩人都沒有出現太多失誤,比分也一路戰至8:8平。此後Ouschan接連破掉楚秉杰的兩個衝球局,最後以11:8獲勝晉級決賽。

他的對手,加拿大好手John Morra則堪稱本次比賽的一大黑馬,在晉級路上接連將菲律賓好手Warren Kiamco、中國選手傅儉波和荷蘭名將Nick van den Berg淘汰出局,實力也是不容小覷。

最終決賽在Albin OuschanJohn Morra之間上演。 決賽中,實力佔優的Ouschan運氣也十分幫忙,接連幾次出現傳9號球直接獲勝的情況,而Ouschan的發揮也更為穩定,10:7率先獲得賽點,雖然Morra此後保住了自己的衝球局挽救一個賽點,但Ouschan還是在自己的衝球局完成清台,11:8擊敗Morra奪冠。

“感覺真是太棒了! 我仍然無法相信自己做到了, 所有辛苦的努力訓練終於得到了回報。 這是我生命中最快樂一天!!” Albin 賽後說道。

世界9球中國公開賽冠軍是Albin Ouschan職業生涯至目前為止最重要的一個冠軍頭銜,同時Ouschan也憑藉24歲的年齡,成為了世界9球中國公開賽7年來最年輕的男子組冠軍。而他也將可能成為最新世界排名第一的選手。

By Alison & CK