More than 40 countries gathered in Qinhuangdao for the 2nd Global Promoters Summit

2019 JOY GPS 777x437

The 2nd Global Promoters Summit was solemnly opened on Jan 15th. Over 100 Chinese pool promoters from more than 40 countries gathered in the same hall to confer the global development of Chinese pool.

The President of WPA, Mr. Ian Anderson

The summit’s theme was Belt and Road, and took the global promoting direction of Chinese pool in the future as the main content. Mr. Ian Anderson, President of World Pool-Billiard Association, affirmed the achievements of Chinese pool in the past year in his opening speech.

2019 JOY GPS - Qiao Bing

Mr. Qiao Bing, Chairman of Qinhuangdao JOY Billiards Promotion Co,. Ltd.

Next, Mr. Qiao Bing, Chairman of Qinhuangdao JOY Billiards Promotion Co,. Ltd, delivered his speech. He introduced the global promotion of JOY Chinese pool over the last year. The promotion mode has brought an innovation to South Africa. Chinese pool has become the largest cue sports there. In more countries along Belt and Road line including Rwanda, Kenya and Malaysia, Chinese pool has also made breakthrough progress.

2019 JOY GPS - Gareth Potts

Gareth Potts

Then 3-time champion of World Chinese Pool Masters, Gareth Potts came to the stage. It was his first appearance on international billiards summit. He spent his time flitting between China, US and UK in order to promote Chinese pool. His transition into a Chinese pool player is due to the rich content and prospect of this sport. He believed firmly that Chinese pool would be popular all over the world in near future.

Later, Mr. Zhang Bolong, Executive Secretary General of ICEA made a speech of ICEA Annual Report. He introduced ICEA’s work in 2018 in three aspects: Standardization, Outreach and Communication.

2019 JOY GPS - Ishaun Singh

The Secretary General of WPA, Mr. Ishaun Singh

The following speaker was Mr. Ishaun Singh, Secretary General of WPA and Mr. Tony Zhang, Overseas Manager of JOY Billiards. They talked about Chinese Pool South Africa Super League and sales strategy of JOY table in South Africa respectively.

Four promoters from Kenya, Malaysia, Portugal and Rwanda introduced the local development of Chinese pool. Kenya and Rwanda have made rapid progress after quoting South Africa mode. At present, Sports Ministries of two countries’ governments attached high importance to Chinese pool and would give strong support in the future. Portugal, as the pioneer of Chinese pool promotion in Europe, has widen the influence of Chinese pool to Western and Central Europe and laid the foundation for the following promotion. Malaysia will use the influence of Chinese to spread the promotion of Chinese pool throughout Southeast Asia.

Finally, the 2nd GPS held a grand annual award ceremony. Tunku Hammam from Malaysia, Joao Silva from Portugal won the Excellent Partner Award. Gareth Potts from UK and Ishaun Singh from South Africa won the Best Global Promoter Award.