Kaplan takes title at Dynamic Billard Italian Women Open – Kaplan奪義大利女子公開賽冠軍

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The winner of the Dynamic Billard Italian Women Open is Ina Kaplan from Germany. She defeated Jasmin Ouschan (AUT) in an intense final match with 7:4.

The event could not have started worse for Kaplan. She met her teammate Kristina Schagan (GER) in her first match of the tournament with 1:7. What a disaster for her! She had to go straight to the loser’s side of the event. There, she suddenly found her rhythm back and rode the winning wave over Ine Helvik (NOR) 7:5, Barbara Bolfelli (ITA) 7:6 and Elise Qiu (NED) with 7:4. These victories brought her back to the single elimination round of the last 16 players. Looking at the draw, Kaplan had mountains to climb. Forst she dealt with Kateryna Polovinchul (UKR) 7:3, then she surprisingly ousted Russian top player Kristina Tkach (RUS) 7:3 and overcame her teammate Veronika Ivanovskaia (GER) 7:4 in the semifinal.

In the final match she met European legend Jasmin Ouschan. Ouschan has also paid a visit to the loser’s side in this event. After winning over Veronika Ivanovskaia in her first match 7:2, she fell to Sara Rocha (POR) 6:7 and had to go to the loser’s side. There she wasted no time with Christine Steinlage (GER) and whitewashed her 7:0. Being in the single elimination stage, Ouschan eliminated Kristina Grim (GER) 7:0, after a tough fight Vanja Franco (POR) 7:5 and Katarzyna Wesolowska (POL) in the semi-final with 7:2.

The final match was all set up and the odds were all in favour of Ouschan. The Austrian had clearer results and seemed to be too much of an obstacle for Kaplan. However, things did not turn out as expected. Two things went against the expectations. Firstly, Ouschan committed several unnecessary errors in the final match which is quite unusual for the perfectionist from Klagenfurt, Austria. Secondly, Kaplan played quite strong and solid and seemed to be of a stronger will to win this final than her opponent. Both of these facts led to the result of 7:4 in favour of Kaplan who is a well-deserved winner of the Dynamic Billard Italian Women Open 2017.

2017 Eurotour Italian Open - Ina Kaplan takes title at Italian Women Open

Ina Kaplan (GER 德國)

女子歐巡賽義大利公開賽於稍早順利落下帷幕。最終由德國好手Ina Kaplan 以7:4擊敗Jasmin Ouschan奪冠。

Kaplan首場比賽意外地以1:7大比分輸給了她的隊友Kristina Schagan落入敗部。這也使得她必須一路辛苦地從敗部打上來。隨後,她似乎慢慢地找回了自己的節奏,分別以7:5、7:6、7:4接連擊敗了挪威的Ine Helvik、義大利老將Barbara Bolfelli以及荷蘭選手Elise Qiu。讓自己挺進最後16強。單敗淘汰賽中,Kaplan先以7:3淘汰烏克蘭小將Kateryna Polovinchul,緊接著,出乎意料地以7:3擊敗俄羅斯新星Kristina Tkach,半決賽再以7:4力克隊友Veronika Ivanovskaia挺進決賽。

她的對手Jasmin Ouschan,首場比賽獲勝後,在第二場比賽搶尾局敗給葡萄牙的Sara Rocha也進到敗部。進入到單敗淘汰階段,先以7:0零封淘汰Kristina Grim,接著7:5力克另一位葡萄牙選手Vanja Franco。半決賽則以7:2輕取了波蘭的Katarzyna Wesolowska

Ina Kaplan是一位相當優秀的選手,但似乎總差那麼臨門一腳,而Ouschan則是歐巡賽決賽常客,想當然的一面倒地被看好將再次拿下比賽。但此次決賽似乎不如於預期,Kaplan憑藉著其強勢且優異的發揮,再加上Ouschan在決賽中出現的幾次失誤,終場Kaplan就已7:4拿下勝利,再度捧盃。

Final Eight Dynamic Billard Italian Women Open 前八強
1. Ina Kaplan (GER 德國)
2. Jasmin Ouschan (AUT 奧地利)
Veronika Ivanovskaia (GER 德國)
Katarzyna Wesolowska (POL 波蘭)
Kristina Tkach (RUS 俄羅斯)
Kristina Schagan (GER 德國)
Melanie Suessenguth (GER 德國)
Vania Franco (POR 葡萄牙)

This concludes the coverage from Treviso, Italy. The next EPBF event will be the Dynamic Billard European Championships for Men, Women and Wheelchair Athletes in Albufeira, Portugal, starting on March 18th, 2017.

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義大利公開賽順利在特雷維索落幕。歐洲撞球協會 (EPBF)下一項賽事為3月18日將在葡萄牙阿爾布費拉(Albufeira)所舉行為期10天的歐洲撞球錦標賽 (歐錦賽)。

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