Hybler overmastered Peach

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In a classic clash between two high profile players, Roman Hybler (CZE) outplayed Daryl Peach (GBR) 9:2 at the Dynamic Billard Dutch Open in Leende, The Netherlands.

Throughout the whole match, Hybler was the dominating player at the table. He broke and ran his first rack. Then it was Peach’s turn at the table to level the score. But the Brit could not pocket the 8-ball. However, he fluked it in an unwanted pocket and had a tough but makable shot on the 9-ball which he missed. Hybler took his chance and got a 2:0 lead over Peach. Rack three did not necessarily see Hybler playing overly strong but showing an unfocussed Peach. The rack was almost sure to be in his account. He had lined up for an easy 9-ball but to his horror missed that shot! It seemed as if Peach was not able to make winning shots in this match. That kind of brought Peach even more off track.

Frustration seemed to gain the upper hand on Peach. He played some shots with more speed and power than needed which was a clear indication that he had a big anger inside him to deal with. No wonder he also lost the 4th rack and the scoreboard displayed 4:0 for Hybler. Peach then went for a time-out and managed to win his first rack in the match right after it. But still the balls did not roll in his favor. He broke rack five and did not get a position on the lowest numbered ball. Still he managed to get the rack going in his favor. But the horror continued for him. He pocketed the 9-ball with a thin cut shot in the side pocket but the cue ball scratched over two rails in the other side pocket. What a bad day for Peach! On top of Peach’s bad luck, Hybler played pretty solid and started to pick up his break racks. That constellation brought the match to 6:1 in favor of Hybler.

2016 Eurotour - Netherlands - Roman Hybler

Roman Hybler

In rack eight Peach even got ball in hand with four balls left on the table. Unbelievable, but he could not run these balls and get the point into his account. He fell out of position after his first shot and hid the cue ball behind the 7-ball with the 6-ball on. That set was probably one of the worst ones for Peach in his whole career. Hybler got to 7:1 and ran out another rack to go on the hill 8:1. At that time, Peach had already given himself up. He took another rack before Hybler closed the book 9:2 on Peach who was not much of a challenge for him today.

Other remarkable results from winner’s round 1 today include number one ranked player Mark Gray (GBR) taking an easy 9:3 victory over Stephen Vandeplassche (BEL). Joshua Filler (GER), the up and coming young gun made it by a whisker with 9:8 over Pat Holtz (GBR). In an all-Russian duel, youngster Fedor Gorst defeated experienced Konstantin Stepanov 9:8. Albin Ouschan (AUT) made short work of Michael Cromen (GER) with 9:1. The match between Ivo Aarts (NED) and Jayson Shaw (GBR) was a feature match today and therefore posted LIVE on Facebook. Over 100 viewers enjoyed this new service from the EPBF which will be continued from now on. One match per day will be shown LIVE and free on Facebook. Shaw clearly took the match with 9:! over Aarts. Eklent Kaci (ALB) got the better of Oliver Ortmann (GER) today with a final result of 9:4. Spanish superstar David Alcaide had to give in to Kamil Szaszor (POL) with 6:9.

Tomorrow, the Dynamic Billard Dutch Open will continue at 09:00 CET with matches from the loser’s round 1.

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