Global Stars Complete World Cup Of Pool Line-Up

2019 World Cup Of Pool - Global Stars Complete Line-Up 777x437Photo of Matchroom Multi Sport/JP Parmentier

The final teams have been confirmed for the 2019 World Cup of Pool with powerhouse nations such as Philippines, Germany and Holland all set to compete at the Morningside Arena, Leicester this June 25-30.

Tickets are on sale now at for pool’s biggest doubles event with the draw to be announced shortly.

A further 15 teams have been added to the line-up with the final nation to be the winner of a European qualifying event, which will take place over the weekend of June 1-2 at IDM Club in Bucharest, Romania.

US Open and World Champion Joshua Filler will again compete alongside Ralf Souquet for Germany, with another Mosconi Cup legend in Niels Feijen being joined by Marc Bijsterbosch for Holland. Alex Pagulayan teams up with John Morra to represent Canada, and Ko brothers Pin-Yi and Ping-Chung will be aiming to win Chinese Taipei’s second World Cup title.

Other Asian nations will include Japan (Naoyuki Oi and Toru Kuribayashi), Hong Kong (Lo Ho Sum and Yip Kin Ling Leo), Singapore (Aloysuis Yapp and Sharik Aslam Sayed) and three-time World Cup winners Philippines (Carlo Biado and Jeff De Luna).

European representation is completed by France (Alex Montpellier and Fabio Rizzi), Russia (Fedor Gorst and Ruslan Chinakhov) and Poland (Konrad Juszczyszyn and Mateusz Sniegocki).

Elsewhere South American Champions Chile will be represented by Enrique Rojas and Alejandro Carvajal, while there will also be teams from Brazil and Saudi Arabia, with players to be confirmed shortly.

2019 World Cup Of Pool - Germany

Team Germany|Photo of Matchroom Multi Sport/JP Parmentier

2019年世界盃雙打賽參賽國家隊伍名單最終底定,32支參賽隊伍將於6月25日至30日在英格蘭 萊切斯特 (Leicester) 的 Morningside 場館捉對廝殺。

賽事主辦方Matchroom Sport於先前已公布15支參賽隊伍及代表選手名單,其中身為地主的英格蘭則有A、B兩隊參賽。另外15支參賽名單也已確定,而下週末在羅馬尼亞 布加勒斯特的 IDM俱樂部將舉辦一場歐洲資格賽來決定最後一個參賽的國家。

在參賽名單上,世界冠軍暨美國公開賽冠軍 Joshua Filler 將再次與名人堂成員 Ralf Souquet 一起為德國出戰,荷蘭隊則由莫斯考尼盃傳奇球星 “終結者” Niels FeijenMarc Bijsterbosch 連袂出擊,Alex Pagulayan 將與 John Morra 合作代表加拿大。

亞洲方面,日本隊由 大井直幸 (Naoyuki Oi)栗林達 (Toru Kuribayashi) 再次搭檔,盧浩琛 (Lo Ho Sum)葉建寧 (Yip Kin Ling Leo) 代表香港出戰,新加坡新星葉浚惟 (Aloysuis Yapp) 將與新夥伴 Sharik Aslam Sayed 並肩作戰,拿下三次冠軍的菲律賓將由Carlo BiadoJeff De Luna為代表,中華台北則由柯秉逸柯秉中兄弟聯手致力為中華台北贏得第二座冠軍。

歐洲方面,新科歐錦賽冠軍 Fedor Gorst 將攜手 Ruslan Chinakhov 為俄羅斯奮戰,實力不容小覷的波蘭隊則將由 Konrad Juszczyszyn 與 Mateusz Sniegocki 聯手出擊,Alex Montpellier 與 Fabio Rizzi 代表法國參賽。

另外,Enrique Rojas 和 Alejandro Carvajal 將代表智利,而巴西與沙烏地阿拉伯代表參賽的球員也將於近期出爐。

2018 World Cup of Pool DAY 1 - Team Philippines

Team Philippines – Carlo Biado and Jeff De Luna|Photo of Matchroom Multi Sport/JP Parmentier

2019 World Cup of Pool Confirmed Teams 世界盃雙打賽參賽隊伍:

Albania 阿爾巴尼亞          Eklent Kaci / Besar Spahiu
Australia 澳洲                     Justin Sajich / Danny Stone
Austria 奧地利                   Albin Ouschan / Mario He
Brazil 巴西                          TBC / TBC   待定
Canada 加拿大                   
Alex Pagulayan / John Morra
Chile 智利                           
Enrique Rojas / Alejandro Carvajal
China 中國                         Wu Jiaqing 吳珈慶 / Liu Haitao 劉海濤
Chinese Taipei 中華台北   Ko Pin-Yi 柯秉逸 / Ko Ping-Chung 柯秉中
Czech Republic 捷克          Roman Hybler / Michal Gavenčiak
European Qualifier             待定
Estonia 愛沙尼亞               
Denis Grabe / Mark Magi
Finland 芬蘭                      Petri Makkonen / Mika Immonen
France 法國                       Alex Montpellier / Fabio Rizzi
Germany 德國                     Joshua Filler / Ralf Souquet 
 Britain A 英格蘭 A   Jayson Shaw / Chris Melling
Great Britain B 英格蘭 B   Mark Gray / Imran Majid
Greece 希臘                         Alexander Kazakis / Nick Malaj
Holland 荷蘭
                      Niels Feijen / Marc Bijsterbosch
Hong Kong 香港                  Lo Ho Sum 盧浩琛 / Yip Kin Ling Leo 葉建寧
Italy 義大利                         Fabio Petroni / Daniele Corrieri
Japan 日本                           Naoyuki Oi 大井直幸 / Toru Kuribayashi 栗林達
Malta 馬爾他                      Tony Drago / Clayton Castaldi
New Zealand 紐西蘭          Matt Edwards / Simon Singleton
Philippines 菲律賓              Carlo Biado / Jeff De Luna
Poland 波蘭                         Konrad Juszczyszyn / Mateusz Sniegocki
Russia 俄羅斯                      Fedor Gorst / Ruslan Chinakhov 
Saudi Arabia 沙烏地阿拉伯      TBC / TBC   待定
Singapore 新加坡                Aloysuis Yapp 葉浚惟 / Sharik Aslam Sayed
South Africa 南非                Richard Halliday / Jason Theron
Spain 西班牙                      David Alcaide / Francisco Sanchez Ruiz
Sweden 瑞典                      Marcus Chamat / Tomas Larsson
USA 美國                            Shane van Boening / Skyler Woodward

Tickets for the 2019 World Cup of Pool are on sale now priced at £5 for weekday afternoons and £10 for weekday evenings and weekend sessions. A season ticket is available for £75 with premium ticket packages available for weekend days including food and unlimited beer, wine and soft drinks.

The 2019 World Cup of Pool features 32 two-player teams battling for the $60,000 first prize from a total prize fund of $250,000. Matches are race to 7 in the first two rounds, race to 9 in the quarter and semi-finals and, for the first time, race to 11 in the final.