Diaz, Ouschan and Tahti grab the last titles in this year’s EC

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The 9-ball titles at the Dynamic Billard European Championships for Men, Women and Wheelchair Athletes have been taken by Francisco Diaz (ESP) in the men’s division, Jasmin Ouschan(AUT) in the women’s division and Jouni Tahti (FIN) in the wheelchair division.

In the men’s division, Francisco Diaz had to battle it out with Karol Skowerski (POL). The match was quite even from the start. Both players have played an excellent tournament so far. Consequently, the quality level was pretty high. During the course of the match, Diaz showed to have the balls rolling in favor of him. 9:5 was the final result in favor of Diaz. „I really enjoy this title very much“, stated Diaz after the final, „I love 9-ball and 10-ball and it was a very hard way to achieve this title.“

The women’s final was played between Jasmin Ouschan and Kamila Khodjaeva (BEL). It was already the third encounter of the two players. Ouschan had won the final in straight pool while Khodjaevawon the final in 10-ball. The match was also pretty close but Ouschan managed to get a shot at the title when she was leading 6:5. However, she missed an easy 8-ball which was „a head thing“ as she mentioned after the match. This brought Khodjaeva back to the table and she tied the match at 6:6. The last rack, Ouschan had the break shot. When broke and ran the table, winning the title and also defending it from last year as well.

In the wheelchair division, Jouni Tahti had to face Tony Southern (GBR). That match started out very slowly. After over an hour, the score was only 3:3. The tournament direction decided to have a shot clock on the match. That was obviously in Tahti’s favor. he seemed to get along with the shot clock much better and won the final and the title with 7:4.

2015 EC - Diaz, Ouschan and Tahti grab the 9-ball title

2015年歐洲撞球錦標賽 (歐錦賽) 昨晚在結束了最後一項9號球項目的所有比賽之後,也在葡萄牙的Vale do Lobo順利的落下帷幕。在9號球項目上,最終由西班牙男子選手Francisco Diaz奧地利女子名將Jasmin OuschanJouni Tahti分別奪下各分組的冠軍。

男子組決賽方面,由西班牙的Francisco Diaz對上波蘭選手Karol Skowerski。兩名球員在比賽當中都表現得相當的出色,都展現出了極高水平的比賽。而在比賽過程中,Diaz整體的發揮甚至比他的對手來得更加好,最終就以9:5擊敗他的對手。Diaz在賽後表示 “我真的很高興贏下了冠軍,我很喜愛9號球及10號球,要達成這個成績實在是非常的不容易。

在女子組方面,決賽則屬於Jasmin Ouschan和 Kamila Khodjaeva之間的爭奪。而這也已經是兩名球再在今年世錦賽最後決賽中第三次相遇,Ouschan拿下了14-1決賽,而Khodjaeva則是贏得了10號球的決賽。比賽雙方打得相當接近,當Ouschan在取得6:5的領先時,她本已有機會拿下比賽,但最後卻在一個簡單的8號球上發生了失誤,這也讓Khodjaeva再度有機會回到場上並把比數給扳平。然而,最後一局輪到了Ouschan的開球局,開球有球進後,接著清光檯面,最終就以7:6驚險地奪下了冠軍並且成功地達成了衛冕。

最後在輪子組方面,芬蘭的Jouni Tahti迎戰了英國選手Tony Southern。比賽進行的相當緩慢,一個小時過後,比數緊來到3:3。也因此,讓比賽開始啟用了出桿限時。Tahti明顯地在限時制下表現的相當不錯,最後以7:4擊敗Southern贏得冠軍。

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The medalists in 9-ball were:

Men 男子組
Gold 金牌: Francisco Diaz (ESP)
Sliver 銀牌: Karol Skowerski (POL)
Bronze 銅牌: Marc Bijsterbosch (NED)、Andreas Gerne (SWE)

Women 女子組
Gold 金牌: Jasmin Ouschan (AUT)
Sliver 銀牌: Kamila Khodjaeva (BEL)
Bronze 銅牌: Diana Khodjaeva (BEL)、Line Kjoersvik (NOR)

Wheelchair 輪椅組
Gold 金牌: Jouni Tahti (FIN)
Sliver 銀牌: Tony Southern (GBR)
Bronze 銅牌: Kurt Deklerck (BEL)、Fred DInsmore (IRL)


The final medal table of the event 總獎牌數

Rank Nation 國家 Gold 金牌 Silver 銀牌 Bronze 銅牌 Total 總計
1. NED 荷蘭 2 2 2 6
2. AUT 奧地利 2 1 2 5
3. FIN 芬蘭 2 2 4
4. BEL 比利時 1 3 6 10
5. POL 波蘭 1 2 2 5
6. ESP 西班牙 1 1
1 3
7. IRL 愛爾蘭 1 2 3
SWE 瑞典 1 2 3
9. GRE 希臘 1   1
  RUS 俄羅斯 1 1
11. GBR 英國   2 2 4
12.  NOR 挪威   2 1 3
13. BLR 白俄羅斯   1 1
GER 德國      1 1
  ITA 義大利     1 1
  SUI 瑞士     1 1


That concludes the coverage of the 2015 Dynamic Billard European Championships for Men, Women and Wheelchair Athletes. Tomorrow, the Euro-Tour will begin at 09:00 local time with the first round matches. Over 215 players have enlisted so far.

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The event will be hosted by the European Pocket Billiard Federation EPBF and organized by International Billiard Promotion Foundation IBPF.

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