2015 PartyPoker World Pool Masters – Three seeds come through in thrillers!

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Shane Van Boening (USA) 8-6 John Morra (CAN)
Niels Feijen (HOL) 8-6 Marcus Chamat (SWE)
Liu Haitao (CHN) 8-7 Karl Boyes (ENG)

2015 World Pool Masters day 1 - Liu Haitao

Liu Haitao 劉海濤 (CHN)

There were three wins for the three seeded players as the 2015 PartyPoker World Pool Masters got underway at the Victoria Warehouse in Manchester on Friday evening. In front of an enthusiastic crowd there were wins for defending champ Shane Van Boening, 2013 victor Niels Feijen and China’s Liu Haitao in the final match of the session.

Liu had faced England’s Karl Boyes who had enjoyed some rowdy support in the arena. It was an absorbing encounter with the most dramatic of endings as Boyes came back from 7-5 down to level the match at 7-7.

The final rack came down to the last two balls as Boyes looked to complete an exhilarating run out for the win. After an array of outstanding shot making, he missed the easiest of 8 balls, a short prod into the top corner pocket. The crowd were stunned and it gifted the match to Liu. The Chinese knocked the hanging 8 ball in and the left himself a long cut on the 9 but pulled it of to move into the quarter finals.

The Chinese star had always led as Boyes struggled to get going but the Englishman stuck with him. When his chance came at the end he took it, up to a point.

“I still feel very excited by the win because Karl Boyes is a great player and the atmosphere was very excitable,” said Liu.

Karl is a top player and it was almost impossible for him to miss that shot. I will try and keep the same attitude against Niels Feijen and hope I can play as well in that match as today.“

For Boyes it was a big disappointment after working hard to get back in the match; “It was crazy, I cannot explain what has gone on there. I took two good racks out to get to 7-7, played a good safety in the last rack and he scratched to give me ball in hand.

“I had to play three amazing shots to get to the 8 and when I landed on that 8 I thought I had won. The atmosphere in there was mad. My concentration has never been the best and when I landed on the 8 I thought it was going to go mental so when I would win I would jump on the arena. When I played the 8 it rattled. I was in shock.”

2015 World Pool Masters day 1 - Karl Boyes

Karl Boyes (GBR)

首日最後一場比賽在中國的劉海濤與英國的Karl Boyes之間展開。現場觀眾給予了主場作戰的Karl Boyes極大的支持,這也是Boyes能在5:7落後時連追兩局的動力所在。決勝局中,Boyes面對唾手可得的勝利時,卻不可思議的在最簡單的8號球上失誤,劉海濤上手攻入8號球並打進長台9號球,8:7奇跡般殺入四分之一決賽。

賽後劉海濤說到:“我現在還是十分激動,因為Karl Boyes斯是一位非常優秀的球員。對他這種頂尖球員來說,這種失誤是幾乎不可能發生的。在下輪對陣Niels Feijen的時候我會保持同樣的態度,我也希望我能表現得像今天一樣優秀。”


2015 World Pool Masters day 1 - Shane Van Boening

Shane Van Boening (USA)

Van Boening became the first defending champion to make it past the opening round since Dennis Orcollo in 2011, as he came from behind to get the better of Canada’s John Morra as he opened his Masters defence.

He got off to the shakiest of starts as he missed an easy 9 ball in the opening rack to gift the lead to Morra but recovered to level and they shared the next two racks to take it to 2-2. Morra, who was a recent finalist in the China Open in Beijing, took the next and after Van Boening scratched in a safety exchange. With ball in hand he ran out for a 4-2 lead.

The Canadian extended that in the next before a poor safety gave Van Boening a great chance and he calmly ran out to trail 5-3. A break and run the ninth game made it 5-4 before Van Boening missed the 2 ball by some distance. They both had goes at the 2 between safeties and missed it a total of four times, before the American downed it to take the initiative and level the match at 5-5.

That went to 6-6 and sensing he needed to do something, Van Boening took the next to take the lead for the first time since 2-1 and put himself on the hill. He made no mistakes as he ran the final rack and an 8-6 victory.

Commented Van Boening; “There was a lot of pressure out there – usually the first match is always tough and I will probably have to regroup tomorrow. I will go back and focus on the times I played well; my US Open finals and when I won the World Pool Masters last year.

“At 5-2 I had to take a bathroom break and regroup and try and get the pressure out of my body. I made too many mistakes so I am going to be working on my shots but the first match is the most important match of any tournament. I know the table now.”

2015 World Pool Masters day 1 - John Morra

美國名將、衛冕冠軍Van Boening與加拿大的John Morra打響揭幕戰,這也是自2011年的Dennis Orcollo後首位揭幕戰亮相的衛冕冠軍。同時,這場爭奪也開啟了他的衛冕之旅。




2015 World Pool Masters day 1 - Niels Feijen

Niels Feijen (NED)

Reigning World 9 Ball Champion Niels Feijen got the better of opponent Marcus Chamat (Sweden), who potentially may be his captain at the PartyPoker Mosconi Cup later in the year.

Chamat was a late entry into the event following the withdrawal of Peruvian star Cristopher Tevez and held his own against Feijen as they shared the first half of the match for 4-4.

Neither was playing their best but it was a close thing as they shared the next before Chamat drilled home the 9 ball in the 11th to take the lead for the first time since the opening rack at 6-5.

Two balls on the break set the rack up for Chamat but he unfortunately scratched as the cue ball fell into the corner pocket and that gave Feijen the opportunity to level the match at 6-6. The Dutchman reached the hill in the next as he ran out from the break and he held himself together in what was the last to crush his break shot and run the table to reach the second round.

“It was a rollercoaster match. I took the lead 4-2 and settled down pretty well but then Marcus fired back at me with two games for 4-4 and it was anybody’s match,” said Feijen.

“We were both playing pretty solid and a couple of weird things happened; a 9 on a break for me, he had a kick on the 6 where I missed the nine after that. I think it was an exciting match for the crowd.

“Luck is such a big think in 9-ball and you have to take it on your chin. You need to play your best and that will usually decide the outcome in the end.

“I am one step closer to the goal line, with three more matches to go. I will stick around and watch a couple of games but I have to focus on my game, not on theirs.”

由2013年賽會冠軍荷蘭的Niels Feijen對陣瑞典的Marcus ChamatChamat是因秘魯球星Cristopher Tevez的缺席而替補參賽的,前四局比賽,他在Feijen面前用2:2平證明了自己的實力。接下來的比賽,場上分差沒有超過2局,10局後5:5平。直到第11局比賽,Chamat通過攻入一顆難度頗高的9號球而獲得開局以來的首次領先,6:5。第12局比賽,Chamat母球不幸洗袋,Feijen抓住機會清台追平比分,並再接再厲連勝2局,8:6戰勝Chamat入圍8強。



Play continues on Saturday afternoon with three more first round matches

Waleed Majid (QAT) v Daryl Peach (ENG)
Ko Pin Yi (TPE) v Mark Gray (ENG)
Darren Appleton (ENG) v Mateusz Sniegocki (POL)


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