Van Boening claims second US 10-Ball Championship Title – SVB 奪美國10號球錦標賽冠軍

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SVB 奪第二座美國10號球錦標賽冠軍

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Shane Van Boening of South Dakota did what he did best Thursday at the US Open 10-Ball Championship at the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino — break with consistency; pocket balls with deadly accuracy; and place the cue ball with precision. And so Van Boening was able to pocket a second US Open 10-Ball Championship, and the $10,000 prize that accompanied a silver cup.

Van Boening’s tournament started strong, with wins over Chad Sholders, 10-4; Tommy Tokoph, 10-7; Georgi Georgiev, 10-5; Amar Kang, 10-6, and Sky Woodward, 10-5, before being bested by runner-up Rodney Morris in the hot seat match, 10-7. Morris forced Van Boening to the loser’s side of the bracket where he beat Canadian John Morra 10-6, to ensure himself a spot in the finals and another shot at Morris.

Morris’ path to the hot seat included wins over Mitch Ellerman, Brandon Shuff, Vilmos Foldes, Jason Klatt and Morra.

The finals match remained close until the score was tied at eight games each, when Van Boening broke and ran the rack to move ahead in the single race-to-13 final match. Van Boening capitalized when Morris made mistakes and played solidly to capture every game until he pocketed the final 10 ball and the championship title.

Van Boening, who won his first US Open 10-Ball Championship in 2011, also has four US Open 9-Ball Championship titles; a US Open One Pocket title and a US Open 8-Ball Championship title, which he hopes to replicate this weekend. The US Open 8-Ball Championship starts Saturday at 10 a.m.

“I’ll always support (Mark Griffin’s) events and play in them,” Van Boening said. “He’s done so much for me.”

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Shane Van Boening of South Dakota earned his second US Open 10-Ball Championship title – Photos Courtesy of JP Parmentier & Cuesports International

The 52-player field started play Wednesday at the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino.

The 2016 US Open 8-Ball Championship July 23-25 in the Predator Arena in The Rio Pavilion. The tournament is played with Cyclop balls on 7-foot Diamond tables covered with Simonis Cloth. The US Open 10-Ball format is race to ten, double elimination and the US Open 8-Ball format is race to eight, double elimination.

The 2016 US Open 8-Ball & 10-Ball Championships are being held in conjunction with the 40th BCAPL National Championships, July 20-30 at The Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino. The event features more than 5,000 amateur players representing 47 states, nine Canadian provinces and 11 countries, competing in approximately 40 divisions, on 300 Diamond pool tables. The annual tournament also includes about 50 exhibitors.

The Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino is the official host venue. Other sponsors include Viking, Kamui, Omega Billiards, Cyclop, Diamond, Simonis, and Predator.Several challenge matches are also scheduled, including the Pick Your Poison Challenge, which has Hohmann facing Van Boening, in a race to 21, 8-ball; the Tiger Challenge, where legend Mike Dechaine will take on Rodney ‘The Rocket’ Morris in a race to 21 in 10-ball; and the OB Challenge, which features Justin Bergman of Fairview Heights, Il. against Corey Deuel of San Leandro, Calif.

2016 US Open 10-Ball Championship - TV table

Photos Courtesy of JP Parmentier & Cuesports International

Shane Van Boening 在本屆比賽中,無論在衝球、準度亦或是母球精準地跑位,此優異的表現都是他能贏得個人第二座美國10號球錦標賽冠軍並抱回1萬美元獎金的原因。

在雙敗淘汰賽制當中,Van Boening 開賽後的表現相當強勁,在以 10:7 敗給Rodney Morris落入敗部之前的他連續拿下五場比賽勝利,其分別擊敗Chad Sholders 10:4、Tommy Tokoph 10:7、Georgi Georgiev 10:5、Amar Kang 10:6、Sky Woodward 10:5。而最終在敗部以10:6順利擊敗加拿大的John Morra 之後,也確保了自己穩操勝券進入到決賽。而Van Boening在決賽的對手也正是讓他唯一吃下敗仗的 “火箭” Rodney MorrisMorris一路地過關斬將,接連擊退了Mitch Ellerman, Brandon Shuff, Vilmos Foldes, Jason Klatt 和以及John Morra.

雙方在決賽中的比數一直相當接近,直到佔成8:8平手。Van Boening在下一局衝球之後,接著清光台面取得領先。ˊVan Boening憑藉著優異的發揮及把握住Morris失誤的機會,最終以10:8擊敗對手奪下冠軍。

“我會一直支持並參與Mark Griffin的賽事,他為我做了很多!” Van Boening賽後說到。

2016年美國8號球及10號球錦標與第40屆BCAPL全國錦標賽於7月20-30日在Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino聯合舉辦。本次比賽有來自全美47個州代表、加拿大9個省份及11個國家超過5000名的業餘愛好者參賽。此一年一度的賽事還包括約50個撞球產業/品牌的廠商們參展。

另外也排定了三場挑戰賽,第一場Pick Your Poison挑戰賽,由Hohmann對上Van Boening,賽制為8號球 搶21局。第二場The Tiger 挑戰賽則為10號球 搶21局,Mike Dechaine將接受“火箭” Rodney Morris的挑戰。最終的 OB挑戰賽 則將由Justin Bergman出戰Corey Deuel

2016 US Open 10-Ball Championship - Shane Van Boening

Shane Van Boening & Rodney Morris – Photos Courtesy of JP Parmentier & Cuesports International

The final standings and payouts in the tournament were 最終排名:
1. Shane Van Boening, $10,000
2. Rodney Morris, $6,000
3. John Morra, $4,000
4. Sky Woodward, $2,500
5/6th. Oscar Dominguez, Rodrigo Geronimo, $1,500
7/8th. John Schmidt, Amar Kang, $900
9/12th. Jason Klatt, Taylor Anderson, Jesse Bowman, and Billy Thorpe, $600

General admission for spectators not participating in the amateur tournaments is $25 per person per day. Day passes are available at the CSI registration desk in the rotunda outside the Pavilion. Event VIP seats are available for $200 and are available online at

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CUTLINE: Shane Van Boening of South Dakota earned his second US Open 10-Ball Championship title Friday at the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. PHOTOS COURTESY OF JP PARMENTIER & CUESPORTS INTERNATIONAL.

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