Tkach draws first blood in Treviso – Tkach橫掃對手 奪2018第一冠

2018 Eurotour Treviso Women Open - Tkach draws first blood in TrevisoKristina Tkach (RUS), winner of the first event in the EPBF Women Euro-Tour series 2018

Kristina Tkach (RUS) wins the first women’s Euro-Tour event of the 2018 series, the EPBF BHR Treviso Open, with a more than clear 7:0 victory in the final match over Marharyta Fefilava (BLR).

Probably one of her toughest matches was the single elimination round of the last 16 players when Tkach met Jasmin Ouschan (AUT). After having taken a 4:1 lead over favoured Ouschan, Tkach lost her momentum a bit and Ouschan got back to 4:4. „At that point in time I struggled since I know that Jasmin is playing in another world than most of us“, stated Tkach. But she kept her nerves together and turned the tide in the match. Ouschan could not capitalise from her break shot while Tkach pocketed what came in front of her on the table. In the end, Tkach was the deserved 7:4 winner. Then she encountered Germany’s Ina Kaplan. That match was easier for her than she thought and in the end she advanced to the semi-finals with a clear 7:3 over Kaplan. In the semi-final match, Tkach almost found her Waterloo against Ana Gradisnik (SLO). Tkach was almost there, being on the hill with a more than comfortable 6:1 lead over Gradisnik when suddenly the Slovenian started to pull rack after rack from Tkach. The heat was really on in that match when Gradisnik got to 5:6. But then, Tkach showed her coolness and brought that match home, winning with 7:5 and entering the final match.

The final match was a „one-woman-show“ by Kristina Tkach. Though Fefilava had won two events last year and played quite strong in her recent matches (7:3 over Kateryna Polovinchuk UKR; 7:4 over Helena Benjamin SWE and 7:2 over Christine Feldmann SUI), but in the final match she could not get one foot on the ground against Tkach. The whitewash she received in the final match was not a just display for her overall performance here in Treviso but it was a well deserved victory for Tkach.

„I really worked very hard over the past years,“ stated Tkach after the match, „and I feel I have gained from that and achieved a decent level of play“. „Winning an event like this is always a great feeling. I am very happy about my victory here in Italy“, added Tkach.

2018 Eurotour Treviso Women Open Poster

2018歐巡賽首站 – 特雷維索公開賽女子組角逐於昨晨落下帷幕,俄羅小將Kristina Tkach 於決賽中7-0血洗白俄羅斯的Marharyta Fefilava ,斬獲2018年第一個歐巡賽冠軍獎杯。

回顧小將的比賽進程,實力不俗的Tkach從單敗階段才開始遭遇挑戰。比賽首輪便碰到縱橫歐洲女子賽場的奧地利明將Jasmin Ouschan,開局4-1領先的她一度被Ouschan追為4-4平。儘管年輕但大賽經驗豐富的Tkach沒有慌亂,穩住心神後連拿3盤,7-4贏得這場強強對話。接下來,她7-3輕取德國名將Ina Kaplan闖入四強。

半決賽中,表現強勢的Tkach險些遭遇滑鐵盧,在與斯洛維尼亞好手Ana Gradisnik 的交手中,Tkach順風順水地取得6-1的夢幻開局並且拿到賽點,豈料,對手突然發力,一度將比分迫近為5-6.關鍵時刻,Tkach的冷靜起到決定性作用,一桿完美的發揮讓她7-5取得最後勝利。決賽中,Tkach面對的是白俄羅斯的Marharyta Fefilava,後者同樣實力不俗,去年也曾囊獲兩項桂冠。令人大跌眼鏡的是,比賽最終成為了Tkach的個人表演,她連戰連捷,最終7-0血洗對手,完美奪得2018賽季第一個歐巡賽冠軍。

“過去幾年我真的很努力!” 比賽結束後,年輕的特卡齊認真地說道,“我覺得我從中收獲了很多,並且也取得了一定的成績。贏得這樣的比賽總是一種很棒的感覺。 在意大利的勝利讓我感到非常高興。

Top Eight Finishers 八強

1. Kristina Tkach (RUS)
2. Marharyta Fefilava (BLR)
3. Christine Feldmann (SUI)
Ana Gradisnik (SLO)
5. Helena Benjamin (SWE)
Nataliya Seroshtan (RUS)
Melanie Suessenguth (GER)
Ina Kaplan (GER)

Even after her victory, Tkach is still on second place in the new European Women Ranking, lead by Fefilava with 80 points in front of her. Katarzyna Wesolowska (POL) is on third place with Jasmin Ouschan coming in 4th.

European Women Rankings Top Ten

1.Marharyta Fefilava (BLR)
2. Kristina Tkach (RUS)
3. Katarzyna Wesolowska (POL)
4. Jasmin Ouschan (AUT)
5. Oliwia Czuprynska (POL)
6. Veronika Ivanovskaia (GER)
7. Kateryna Polovinchuk (UKR)
8. Melanie Suessenguth (GER)
9. Ana Gradisnik (SLO)
10. Nataliya Seroshtan (RUS)

That concludes the coverage of the EPBF BHR Treviso Open 2018. The next tournament of then Dynamic Billard Euro-Tour series will be Dynamic Billard Sankt Johann Im Pongau Open in April.

The event was hosted by the European Governing Body for Pool, the European Pocket Billiard Federation (EPBF) and organised by International Billiard Promotion (IBP). For further information and reference please go to the federation website  visit us on Facebook or check out our youtube channel for regular news clips or contact our press office