The night of the Iberian Peninsula 團體賽落幕 金光閃耀伊比利半島

2019 European Championships - The night of the Iberian Peninsula (Teams) 777x437Teams Spain Men and Portugal Women

The Team competition of the Dynamic Billard European Championships 2019 have been decided. The Spanish Men’s Team and the Portuguese Women’s Team took the titles in their respective division.

The Spanish team took a straight way into the final match against the Austrians. After defeating Cyprus with 2:0, they dethroned the defending Champion team Poland with 2:1. Then they booked their seat in the quarter-final with a victory of team Russia. After eliminating team Czech Republic, the Spaniards again met team Poland. Once more, they won 2:1. In the final match, Francisco Diaz-Pizarro was the first one ready when he pocketed the final 10-ball against Albin Ouschan to win his individual with 8:3. The 8-ball match was still on and also pretty close. Alcaide was leading 7:6 over Maximilian Lechner when Francisco Sanchez-Ruiz won pretty clearly with 9:5 in his 9-ball match over Mario He. That brought the second point to team Spain which already was the title for them.

2019 European Championships - Men Team Final

Lift to right: Albin Ouschan, Mario He & Maximillian Lechner of Team Austria, Francisco Sanchez Ruiz; Francisco Diaz-Pizarro, David Alcaide of Team Spain|Photo of DK/EPBF

2019 歐錦賽團體賽於今晨落下帷幕,男子組由西班牙擊敗實力堅強的奧地利奪冠,葡萄牙摘下女子組后冠。

男子組分為8號球、9號球和10球三單項目。西班牙隊一路擊敗塞浦路斯 2:0、衛冕冠軍波蘭 2:1、捷克 2:0 挺進四強。半決賽再度碰上從敗部晉級的波蘭,而西班牙再一次以 2:1 重挫對手,也讓波蘭的衛冕之路破滅。西班牙隊老將 Francisco Diaz-Pizarro 率先以 8:3 擊敗奧地利的 Albin Ouschan 為西班牙取得第一點。Alcaide 在8號球項目 7:6 領先 Maximilian Lechner 的同時,西班牙的新生代好手 Francisco Sanchez-Ruiz 在9號球以 9:5 擊敗 Mario He,為西班牙那下第二點並奪下冠軍。

Top 8 Men’s Teams 男子團體 8 強
1. Spain 西班牙
2. Austria 奧地利
3. Poland 波蘭
    Russia 俄羅斯
5. Czech Republic 捷克
    Germany 德國
    Portugal 葡萄牙
    Sweden 瑞典

In the women’s team competition, the current titleholders were able to defend their crown. Team Portugal with Sara Rocha and Vania Franco went undefeated all the way into the final match. They overcame Team Spain 2:0, then Team Italy 2:0. In the semi-final, the had a thriller against Team Russia and managed to win that in the shoot-out with 8:7. In the final match, the Portuguese met team Germany. Sara Rocha was dominating the 9-ball match with Veronica Ivanovskaia and clearly rode the winning wave with 7:2. The 8-ball match between Franco and Tina Vogelmann was a bit closer, but in the end Franco took the match and the title winning 6:3 over the German.

2019 European Championships - Women Team Final

Lift to right: Tina Vogelmann & Veronika Ivanovskaia of Team Germany; Sara Rocha with Vania Franco of Team Portugal|Photo of DK/EPBF

女子組則進行8號球與9號球兩個項目,如雙方1:1平手 則進行點球大戰。葡萄牙的 Sara Rocha 與 Vania Franco 先後擊敗西班牙隊 2:0、義大利 2:0 進入四強,半決賽中與實力堅強的俄羅斯隊取得 1:1 平手,最終在點球大戰 以 8:7 力克強敵俄羅斯晉級決賽。葡萄牙在決賽中對上德國隊,Sara Rocha 7:2 擊敗 Veronica Ivanovskaia 拿下9號球項目。8號球則由 Vania Franco 碰上 Tina Vogelmann,比賽最終由 Franco 6:3 擊敗對手,葡萄牙隊以 2:0 摘冠,順利衛冕冠軍。

Top 8 Women’s Team 女子團體 8 強
1. Portugal 葡萄牙
2. Germany 德國
3. Poland 波蘭
    Russia 俄羅斯
5. Italy 義大利
    Switzerland 瑞典
    Turkey 土耳其
    Ukraine 烏克蘭

The situation in the medal table has not changed too much, but the distances are pretty close between the different nations. Poland is still leading the table with 2 Gold, 1 Silver and 3 Bronze Medals. The Russian team is up their neck, only having one Bronze Medal less than the Polish. Third ranked nation is Finland with one medal of each colour.

2019 European Championships - Ralf Souquet

Ralf Souquet|Photo of DK/EPBF

Earlier today, matches of the 9-ball individuals were played. Defending Champion Konrad Juszczyszyn (POL) took down Marc Turpel (LUX) and eliminated him with 9:1 from the field. Denis Grabe (EST) paved his way into the round of the last 32 players in 9-ball by outplaying Jani Uski (FIN) 9:8. In the all-Russian class between Fedor Gorst and Konstantin Stepanov, Gorst remained on top in the end and won the match with 9:6. „The Kaiser“ Ralf Souquet (GER) had to deal with „The Terminator“ Niels Feijen (NED). While Souquet has already taken a silver medal in the 8-ball earlier this week, Feijen was still looking for his medal to come. But Souquet destroyed that dream of Feijen by winning 9:5. With Feijen out of the 9-ball, he will not be able to win a medal in the individuals in this year’s European Championships. 

團體賽前稍早也進行了男子9號球。衛冕冠軍波蘭的 Konrad Juszczyszyn 9:1 輕取來自盧森堡的 Marc TurpelFedor Gorst 與Konstantin Stepanov 之間俄羅斯內戰,則由 Gorst 以 9:6 淘汰老大哥。另一場比賽中由名人堂德國名將 Ralf Souquet 對決 “荷蘭終結者” Niels FeijenSouquet 在此前的8號球項目獲得銀牌,反觀 Feijen 則仍在覓尋著! 然而 Souquet 最終以 9:5 淘汰 Feijen,隨著在9號球項目的出局,也代表著 Feijen 今年奪牌的最後希望遭徹底粉碎。


2019 European Championships - Mats Schjetne

Mats Schjetne (NOR)|Photo of DK/EPBF

Another national clash happened between the two Dutch players Jan Rempe and Marc Bijsterbosch. Young Rempe sneaked past Bijsterbosch by taking the match with 9:8. Joshua Filler (GER) wasted no time with Sergey Lutsker (RUS), winning 9:2 in 25 minutes. French up and rising player Alex Montpellier sealed the destiny Eklent Kaci (ALB) in the 9-ball individuals by making it with 9:8 over the Albanian. Sam Wetzel (LUX) surprisingly took out newly crowned 10-ball European Champion Mieszko Fortunski (POL) 9:8. That surprise was as close and as unexpected as the match between Mats Schjetne (NOR) and Francisco Sanchez-Ruiz (ESP). 9:8 was the final result in favour of Schjetne.

另一場國家內戰在荷蘭的 Jan RempeMarc Bijsterbosch 之間上演,年輕選手 Rempe 9:8 力克 Bijsterbosch。新科美國公開賽冠軍 Joshua Filler 則僅花了25分鐘以 9:2 送 Sergey Lutsker 返回俄羅斯。法國選手 Alex Montpellier 9:8 驚險淘汰阿爾巴尼亞新星 Eklent Kaci 挺進最後32強。另一場搶尾局大戰中,挪威的 Mats Schjetne 出乎意料地以 9:8 淘汰了西班牙年輕好手 Francisco Sanchez-Ruiz 晉級下一輪32強。

The final day of the Dynamic Billard European Championships 2019 for men, women, U23 and wheelchair athletes will commence tomorrow morning at 10:00 CET with matches in the 9-ball individuals competition in the Men’s and Under 23 division.

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