The Battle of The 7th World Chinese Pool Masters set to in Qinhuangdao

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The opening ceremony of the 7th World Chinese Pool Masters Grand Finals was held at the Olympic Sports Center Stadium in Qinhuangdao on January 12th.

After the qualifications of China Region Finals and International Players, there are 16 Chinese players and 8 International players earned their tickets into the Grand Finals. The main stage shall commence at Qinhuangdao Olympic Sports Center Stadium tomorrow, the tournament starts at 9am Beijing time. With the field completed with the 16 players from the China Region Finals and 8 players from International. The players will be played with double elimination format until The Final, with 140 minutes time limited, Race to 13 with alternate breaks.

For the format of Double Elimination format until The Final, players who win six matches in a row that will advance to the Final from winner side. Conversely, will need to win ten matches in a row to get in if lost first match. A total of ¥1,780,000 RMB prize fund are at stake with ¥1,000,000 RMB going to the Champion alone while the runner-up will receive ¥300,000 RMB.

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For tournament info, can also be find on ICEA Page.

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