Shanghai is ready for play the 10th World 9-Ball China Open

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SHANGHAI, a global financial centre and transport hub, which grew in importance in the 19th century due to trade and recognition of its favourable port location and economic potential. The World 9-Ball China Open is ready and will be hosted in this one of the largest city in the world again. This year, the China Open will be celebrating its 10th year anniversary as the Peoples’ Government of Tangzhen Pudong New Area has been the ongoing support throughout the years since 2009.

The qualifications is around the corner!  The Stage 1 will be held in two pool room from September 2nd to 4th. The Men’s division will be at APEX Billiard Club in Hongkou district while YUAN 8 Billiards Club in Xuhui district for Women’s division, the players will compete for the 8 spots in each division for advance into the main event.

The Stage 2 will kick off in Pudong Tangzhen Culture & Sports Center. The tournament begin 6th of September with 48 Women and 64 Men players will be put into groups and request double elimination format until Men’s last 32 and Women’s last 16. Until then the game changes from race to 9 for Men and 7 for Women, to race to 11 for Men and race to 9 for Women with alternate breaks. The final is going to be played on Sunday, September 9th.

Players from all over the globe will make their way to Shanghai contest for the title with total prize fund of US$ 373,600. There is US$165,600 in total for Women division on offer with US$36,000 going to the titleholder, and meantime the whole of US$208,000 in Men’s with US$40,000 awards to the conqueror.

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上海,世界最大的城市之一,也因其有利的港口位置與經濟潛力,從19世紀開始變得越來越重要。不僅成為交通樞紐和全球重要金融中心之一,其港口更為全球最繁忙的港口。2018 世界九球中國公開賽已準備就緒,再次於上海登場。今年世界九球中國公開賽將迎來其十週年,此賽事自2009年登陸上海浦東唐鎮以來,獲得浦東新區唐鎮人民政府的大力支持。而在政府單位、贊助商及組委會多方支持與努力經營之下,多年來已成為國際重要9球賽事之一。

資格賽將於9月2日開打,為本屆賽事正式拉開序幕。男子組賽場位於虹口區的APEX撞球俱樂部,女子組則在徐匯區的源8台球俱樂部舉辦。資格賽將分三場進行,選手將爭取最後各8張會內賽的門票。會外賽全部採用單敗淘汰賽制,男子搶9、女子搶7,男子組和女子組第一、二場各取2名、第三場各取4名選手,比賽採勝方衝球。會外賽結束後,會內賽緊接於6號在浦東唐鎮文化體育中心登場,第一階段男子64名選手和女子48名,採分組雙敗淘汰賽制,男子搶9局、女子搶7局,男子每組4名選手 (勝部2名、敗部2名) 和女子每組2名選手 (勝部1名、敗部1名) 晉級第二階段。第二階段的男子32強及女子16強為單敗淘汰賽,男子搶11局、女子搶9局,比賽採輪流衝球。決賽將於9月9日開打。


世界九球中國公開賽歷屆冠軍 Previous Champions of the CHINA OPEN

YearMen Division 男子組Women Division 女子組
2009Thorsten HOHMANN (GER)Pei-Chen TSAI 蔡佩真 (TPE)
2010Yu-Lung CHANG 張玉龍 (TPE)CHEN Siming 陳思明 (CHN)
2011Chris MELLING (GBR)FU Xiaofang 付小芳 (CHN)
2012Dennis ORCOLLO (PHI)Kelly FISHER (GBR)
2013Lee Vann CORTEZA (PHI)LIU Shasha 劉莎莎 (CHN)
2014Yu-Lung CHANG 張玉龍 (TPE)HAN Yu 韓雨 (CHN)
2015Albin OUSCHAN (AUT)KIM Gayoung 金佳映 (KOR)
2016WU Jiaqing 吳珈慶 (CHN)HAN Yu 韓雨 (CHN)
2017Joshua FILLER (GER)CHEN Siming 陳思明 (CHN)
2018KO Ping-Yi 柯秉逸 (TPE)FU Xiaofung 付小芳 (CHN)

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