Recap on Day 3 at The World Chinese Pool Masters Grand Finals

2019 JOY World Chinese Pool Masters 777x437

Competition in Day 3 was reaching a fever pitch. More and more regular attendees had to leave the stage of Grand Finals.

Wang Peng

Shane Van Boening (USA) was knocked out by Wang Peng, member of International Dream Team. Wang Peng held a slight advantage at the beginning. The score went to 3-2, 4-3 and then 6-4. At this juncture, Wang Peng (CHN) exploded suddenly and won 6 in 7 racks with an irresistible force. Under Wang Peng’s onslaught, Van Boening was powerless to reverse and lost the match by 6-13.

Popular player Zheng Yubo (CHN) met the 17-year-old female champion, Wang Ye (CHN) in a winning or going home match. Neither of them got a comfortable lead before the 1st time out. However, Zheng occupied the advantage gradually through rich experience as the match went on. Leading 8-5, Zheng stretched the gap and overpowered Wang Ye by 13-7. Being on fire, Zheng later outplayed tough player Gong Haifeng (CHN) by 13-10.

Wang Yun

Wang Yun (CHN) finished a miraculous reverse in the match against Johann Chua (PHI). Just as his nickname, Miraculous Boy’s performance was beyond our imagination. Trailing 0-4, Wang Yun got a poor start. Meanwhile, Johann consolidated his advantage and led by 7-1. It’s just the beginning of the game. Wang Yun broke and ran continuously with his superior skills. In the following 14 racks, Wang Yun got 12 of them. Finally, he defeated Johann by 13-9 surprisingly.

Another Filipino Jeffrey Ignacio (PHI) was engaged in a fierce battle with Tang Chunxiao (CHN), a strong female player. They are neck to neck from first to last. Ultimately, Ignacio was more skillful and got a hard-fought victory by 12-11.

Moh Keen Hoe (Malaysia)

Zhang Kunpeng (CHN), top of ICEA World Rankings was eliminated by a dark horse, Moh Keen Hoe from Malaysia. Being suppressed the whole match, ㄒ could not get out of the predicament Finally he lost to Moh Keen Hoe by 13-6.

Phone Myint Kyaw (MYA) manifested great resilience in defeating Abu Lajiang by 13-9. Falling behind 2-8, Phone Myint Kyaw got him together and won the next 5 racks with breathtaking 2 break-and-run and 3 clear.