Rasson and EPBF extend partnership

2019 Rasson and EPBF extend partnership _ Rasson logo

Rasson Billiards have confirmed their partnership with the European Pocket Billiard Federation EPBF for another year. Once more, the Jiujiang City, China, based company will stand side by side with Europe’s governing body for pool billiards.

Established in 1990, the Rasson slate has conquered the World’s market for slates rather quickly. The name Rasson is very famous for high quality slate that many table manufacturers chose for their product in order to meet the highest quality standards of the game and provide the best material for the athletes.

“We’re delighted to extend the contract with EPBF for another three years! We’ve been cooperating with EPBF for over 10 years which proves sufficiently we’re happy for the relationship with each other. EPBF has been a leading and excellent federation in organizing pool events for professional players, also provides a great platform for more young and new generation. RASSON as a leading enterprise in billiards, it’s our honor also mission to support the sport and let more fans from all over the world enjoy the game. We look forward to a longer and closer cooperation with EBPF in the future!” stated Junny Song, General Manager of Rasson Billiards.

„It is great that our partners, Rasson Billiards, are again with us in 2019 and they will be supplying the table slate for all our events this year. It is an important part of our equipment and with the standard already set, we are happy that we can continue supplying the best equipment at all our events in 2019„ said David Morris, President of International Billiard Promotion IBP.

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RASSON 銳勝成立於1990年,位於中國江西省九江市。其所生產石板迅速地征服了全球的石板市場。許多球桌製造商為他們的產品選擇了RASSON 銳勝的高質量板岩,以滿足他們最高質量標準,並為選手提供最好的材料。

Rasson總經理Junny Song說道: “我們很高興與 歐洲台球協會 (European Pocket Billiard Federation, EPBF) 續約三年! 我們與EPBF合作已超過10年,證明我們對彼此有著愉快與深厚的合作關係。 EPBF 不僅為歐洲美式台球領銜協會,長期以來在組織賽事上有著非常優秀組織能力,更為更多新一代的年輕球員們提供一個很好的發展平台。RASSON 作為台球領域的領先企業,我們的不僅很榮幸地支持這項運動,其更是一項使命,讓更多來自世界各地的球迷們享受這項運動。 我們期待在未來與EBPF有著更長遠且緊密合作關係!”

國際台球推廣協會 (International Billiard Promotion, IBP) 會長 David Morris 說到: “很高興和我們的合作夥伴Rasson Billiards在2019年繼續合作,他們將為今年所有的賽事提供球桌石板,其為我們設備當中重要的組成部分,我們很高興能夠在2019年的所有比賽中繼續提供最好的設備給予我們的選手們。”