Predator ARCOS II Balls Will Be Used in CSI’s Major Events

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美洲豹集團近日宣布一項新合作協議,即由雅樂美所承製的美洲豹 Arcos II 球組成為美國 CSI、BCA撞球聯盟與USA撞球聯盟官方指定用球。

美洲豹 Arcos II 球組除為”美洲豹10號球世界錦標賽”、”Diamond 拉斯維加斯公開賽”與”美洲豹世界撞球系列賽事”的官方指定球外,也將使用於所有CSI、BCA撞球聯賽以及USA撞球聯賽。Arcos II 球組將使用於 CSI 國際博覽會期間所進行的BCA撞球聯賽世界錦標賽和USA撞球聯賽全國錦標賽,以及 CSI 於全美各地所舉辦的區域性賽事。

CueSports International 執行長 Ozzy Reynolds 表示:“ CSI 對此新合作協議感到很興奮。我們一直非常重視品質,使用由美洲豹和雅樂美這樣的行業巨頭所設計和製造出的球絕對符合我們對於”品質至上”的理念。相信我們的聯盟成員與賽事參與者們都會認同。”

全球最創新和最受信賴的球桿製造商美洲豹與傳奇的撞球製造商雅樂美攜手合作推出了全新的美洲豹 Arcos II 球組。 通過將標誌性的“美洲豹”風格運用到雅樂美完美的技術和生產中,他們創造出獨一無二的球。更高的酚醛樹脂成分和精細的固化,以及檢查程序使美美洲豹 Arcos II 更精準,反應更靈敏,更穩定,更耐用。

Saluc S.A. 營運長 Yves Bilquin 也支持該計畫並說道: “我們與美洲豹有著同樣的願景與承諾,以致力於提高撞球配備的品質和性能的願景,從而為使用者帶來更高價值。因此,美洲豹 Arcos II 球組應運而生。

美洲豹集團認為與CSI之間的合作,其目的在於將業餘與專業選手們齊齊聚一堂來發展這項運動。 美洲豹執行長 Karim Belhaj 表示: “提高球賽表現並啟發新的球迷開始打球一直是我們所熱衷執行的事情。成為 CSI 聯賽的官方指定用球是增進球迷們比賽體驗的另一種方式,我們希望那將有助於我們對專業撞球領域的重新投入,這樣我們就能啟發更多球迷加入並將這項運動帶到更進一步的水準。


Predator Arcos II Pool Ball w600

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Predator Group is proud to announce a new partnership that makes Predator Arcos II by Aramith the official balls of CueSports International (CSI), the BCA Pool League and the USA Pool League.

Predator’s new revolutionary ball set will now be used in all the CSI, BCA Pool League and USA Pool League events. In addition to being the official balls of the Predator World 10-Ball Championship, Diamond Las Vegas Open, and Predator World Billiard Series events, the CSI events will be using the Arcos II balls sets during the CueSports International Expo, which showcases the BCA Pool League World Championships, USA Pool League National Championships, as well as the regional CSI organized tournaments taking place all around the United States.

Ozzy Reynolds, CueSports International CEO, says that “CSI is thrilled about this new partnership. We have always put an emphasis on quality and using balls designed and manufactured by industry titans like Predator and Aramith is definitely in line with our ‘quality first’ philosophy. We are confident that our league members and event participants will agree.”


Predator, the world’s most innovative and trusted cue manufacturer, has teamed up with legendary ball maker Aramith to unleash the all-new, highly accurate and durable Predator Arcos II billiard balls. By applying the signature Predator style to Aramith’s flawless technology and production, they’ve created balls like no other. The higher phenolic resin composition and meticulous curing and inspection processes make Predator Arcos II more accurate, more responsive, more consistent and more durable.

Yves Bilquin, COO of Saluc S.A., who is also supporting the initiative said “We share Predator’s vision and commitment of increasing billiards equipment quality and performance, to bring higher value to the players. This is exactly what we have done with the new Predator Arcos II ball set”.

When Predator teamed up with Aramith, it combined two industry leaders to use state-of-the-art technology to eliminate the rogue variables that could be the difference between victory and defeat. The consistency and highest phenolic composition of the Arcos II balls delivers a more efficient energy transfer between the cue and the balls, and reduces the static electricity between ball and table. That means more control, less out-of-control kicks and smoother, and faster play.


Predator Group sees this as the natural evolution of their partnership with CueSports International to bring amateur and professional pool together and grow the sport. “Improving the game’s performance and inspiring new fans to play has always been our passion” said Karim Belhaj, CEO of Predator Group. “Being the Official ball of the CSI leagues is another way to improve the playing experience of pool fans, and we hope it will also help us re-invest in professional pool, so we can inspire more fans to join and take our sport to the next level”.

Predator continues to focus on the future by making the world a better place, one pool game at a time.

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