Ouschan, Tahti and Uski new 8-ball Champions

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The 8-ball tiles at the Dynamic Billard European Championships for Men, Women and Wheelchair Athletes in the Salgados Palace Hotel in Albufeira, Portugal, have been awarded. Jouni Tahti (FIN), Jasmin Ouschan (AUT) and Jani Uski (FIN) have snatched the coveted titles in the 8-ball individuals.

2017 歐洲撞球錦標賽第三個比賽項目8球交鋒塵埃落定,奧地利名將Jasmin Ouschan 7-0血洗Melanie Suessenguth,斬獲個人第25塊歐洲賽事金牌,這也使得她從歐洲撞協領到的獎牌數目達到了驚人的50個! 男子組中,芬蘭球員Jani Uski 10-7力克剛剛拿下10球冠軍的Marc Bijsterbosch,收獲首枚歐錦賽金牌。

2017 Portugal EC - Ouschan, Tahti and Uski new 8-ball Champions

Left to right: Jasmin Ouschan, Jouni Tahti and Jani Uski

In the men’s division, Jani Uski started out as an underdog in the discipline. His victims on the way into the final match include Denis Grabe (EST) 8:5, Francisco Diaz-Pizarro (ESP) 10:6 and Francisco Sanchez-Ruiz (ESP) 10:8. These victories took him into the final match against Marc Bijsterbosch (NED) who had already taken the 10-ball title earlier this week. Bijsterbosch made his way into the final match over Jakub Koniar (SVK) 8:7, Ruslan Chinakhov 10:8 and Mario He (AUT) 10:7. The final match itself was determined by careful play from both actors. Uski however was always a margin up over Bijsterbosch and carried that advantage all through the match. In the end, Uski won his first title in defeating Bijsterbosch 10:7 in the final match.

在歐錦賽8球項目男子組角逐中,此前不瘟不火的芬蘭球手Jani Uski化身黑馬,先是8-5擊敗愛沙尼亞名將Denis Grabe,接著又分別以10-6、10-8連挫西班牙雙星Francisco Diaz-PizarroFrancisco Sanchez-Ruiz,悍然挺進決賽。決賽另一方是剛剛奪得10球金牌的荷蘭小將Marc Bijsterbosch,後者以10-8、10-7先後擊敗Ruslan ChinakhovMario He等強大對手躋身決賽。決賽進程十分膠著,最終場面更占優勢的Uski 10-7力挫對手,以黑馬之姿拿下首枚歐錦賽金牌。

Jani Uski (FIN)

Top 8 Men 男子八強:
1. Jani Uski (FIN)
2. Marc Bijsterbosch (NED)
Mario He (AUT)
Francisco Sanchez-Ruiz
Mieszko Fortunski (POL)
Francisco Diaz-Pizarro (ESP)
Maksim Dudanets (RUS)
Ruslan Chinakhov (RUS)

In the women’s division, Jasmin Ouschan received her 25th Gold Medal on European level and her 50th medal from the EPBF by winning the 8-ball title today. She had a hard time in the semi-final when she just made it over Tamara Peeters-Rademakers (NED) with 7:6. Her opponent in the final match was Melanie Suessenguth (GER). The German had defeated Amalia Matas (ESP) the round before and met Ouschan in the final. However, in the final Suessenguth had no more energy to oppose to Ouschan. 7:0 was the very clear result in favour of the Austrian superstar.


Jasmin Ouschan

Top 8 Women 女子八強::
1. Jasmin Ouschan (AUT)
2. Melanie Suessenguth (GER)
Tamara Peeters-Rademakers (NED)
Amalia Matas (ESP)
Vivien Schade (GER)
Marharyta Fefilava (BLR)
Sara Rocha (POR)
Kristina Schagan (GER)

In the wheelchair division, Jouni Tahti was definitely one of the favourite players from the start. Having had a bad start in 10-ball, Tahti was hungry for another title. He met Kurt Deklerck in the final match. Deklerck already won the 10-ball event earlier this week and still had some wind underneath his wings. The final match was packed with action and drama fro both players with Tahti having the better end on his side, winning the match and the title with 5:3 over Deklerck.

輪椅組方面,奪冠熱門之一的芬蘭球員Jouni Tahti在10球項遺憾止步四強後,在今天8球比賽中成功奪冠,他在決賽中5-3力克比利時的Kurt Deklerck,後者此前剛剛拿下10球冠軍。

Jouni Tahti (FIN)

Top 8 Wheelchair:
1. Jouni Tahti (FIN)
2. Kurt Deklerck (BEL)
Roy Kimberley (GBR)
Tony Southern (GBR)
Emil Malanowski (POL)
Fred DInsmore (IRL)
Matt Duffy (GBR)
David Humpe (BEL)

Medal table after 3 of 5 events 三項賽事後 獎牌榜::

2017 Portugal EC - Medal table after 3 of 5 events

Earlier today, two rounds of team competition  were played at the Dynamic Billard European Championships for Men, Women and Wheelchair Athletes in the Salgados Palace Hotel in Albufeira, Portugal. In the men’s division, Team Croatia came up with the biggest surprise of the day. The clearly defeated the defending Champion Team Germany with 2:0. Ivica Putnik slammed Ralf Souquet 9:5 in 9-ball while Roberto Bartol just made it over Sebastian Ludwig with 8:7 in 10-ball. The third match between Tomislav Susic and Sebastian Staab in 8-ball was held up at 7:6 for Staab since the Croatians had already won the match being 2:0 up. Another huge surprise was brought to the tournament by Team Finland. They managed to triumph over Team Spain, consisting of Jose Alberto Delgado Hernandez, Francisco Sanchez Ruiz and David Alcaide, with 2:1. In 8-ball, Jani Uski wiped the floor with Francisco Sanchez Ruiz 8:1 while Kim Laaksonen stood tall over David Alcaide in 9-ball with 9:7. At that time, Petri Makkonen was also leading 7:5 over Delgado in 10-ball, race to 8. The team clash between Austria and The Netherlands was won by Team Austria today. Though Niels Feijen defeated Albin Ouschan 8:3 in 10-ball, the Austrians left the venue as the winner today. Mario He overpowered Ivar Saris in 8-ball 8:6 while Maximilian Lechner clearly remained the upper hand over Nick van den Berg in 9-ball with 9:5.

In the women’s team competition, Team The Netherlands won 2:0 over Team Finland and Team Spain defeated Team Portugal with the same result.

Tomorrow, the tournament will continue at 09:00 GMT with matches from the 9-ball individuals competition.

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今天較早時候也進行了兩輪團體賽較量,男子組中,克羅埃西亞隊對陣衛冕冠軍德國隊,Ivica Putnik於9球單項中9-5擊敗德國名將Ralf SouquetRoberto Bartol又在10球單項中8-7險勝德國好手Sebastian Ludwig,只有Sebastian Staab在8球對決中7-6力挫克羅地亞的Tomislav Susic,最終克羅埃西亞隊便以2-1的比分爆冷獲勝。

同樣爆出冷門的還有芬蘭隊,他們在與高手雲集的西班牙隊的交鋒中出人意料的2-1取得勝利。其他場次,荷蘭隊與奧地利隊展開強強對話,儘管頭號戰將Albin Ouschan在10球單項中3-8潰敗Niels Feijen先失一城,但Mario HeMaximilian Lechner狀態不俗,分別以8-6、9-5贏下了比賽,奧地利隊2-1拿下整場比賽。


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