Mezz Power Break Cue “KAI”

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Power Break Kai… Dominate the game!

After years of R&D on the break performance, Mezz engineers have created a more powerful and more accurate Power Break cue by redefining the innovative technology of the Deep Impact Shaft.

The reinvented Power Break Kai features the newly developed Deep Impact 2 shaft combined with the composite wood butt technology that delivers additional power, speed and accuracy. When using added speed needed for the break, the cue ball is often contacted off target. The Power Break Kai is the solution to providing further power and control allowing you to dominate the game right from the start.

Specifications 規格
Shaft 前截: Deep Impact 2
Shaft Length 前截長度: 29 inches
Tip 皮頭: Sonic
Joint 接牙: United
Grip 握把: XPG Sport Grip / Wood Grip (No Wrap)
Weight 重量: 19 – 19.5 oz
Cue comes with Joint Protectors

MEZZ Power Break KAI - Description (Sport Grip)

MEZZ Power Break KAI