Matchroom Pool acquires World 9-Ball Championship

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Matchroom Pool has acquired the rights in perpetuity to host the World 9-Ball Championship from 2020 in a ground-breaking agreement with the WPA.

The World 9-Ball Championship joins Matchroom Pool’s portfolio of major events and will benefit from increased prize money and global TV coverage. The 2020 World 9-Ball Championship will be staged from Wednesday, October 14 until Sunday, October 18 at a venue to be announced in due course.

Matchroom Pool previously staged the World 9-Ball Championship from 1999 to 2008 and will apply its world-renowned promotion, TV production and arena staging to this prestigious event.

Matchroom Sport Chairman and BCA Hall of Fame promoter Barry Hearn said: “This is great news for pool fans and pool players all over the world. We are making a big push on 9-ball pool and we’ve had a lot of success over the last 12 months, particularly with the US Open which was sensational in Las Vegas. But this will be even bigger for the world of pool.

“We’ll have 128 players, prize money will go up, the event will be open to men and women and it will be televised all over the world. This is a major addition to Matchroom Pool and I think a real huge benefit to pool players and pool fans all around the world.

“This sport is on fire and we are looking forward to 2020 more than I can tell you. We’ll have more details on the venue and prize money soon and get ready for another Matchroom Pool spectacular event.”

Ian Anderson, President of the WPA, added: “The WPA is delighted to extend its partnership with Matchroom and to have its flagship event back with them. With Matchroom applying its most capable talents, it is highly anticipated this event will grow to be the biggest on our calendar.

“This is a real shot in the arm for our sport, nobody doubts Matchroom’s ability to promote sporting events, and we are very pleased to be associated with them. We look forward to a long and fruitful relationship.”

Full details of the 2020 World 9-Ball Championship, including venue, prize money, format and qualification details will be announced over the coming weeks.

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Matchroom Pool 與世界花式撞球聯盟 (WPA) 達成突破性協議,Matchroom Pool 自已獲得永久舉辦世界9號球錦標賽的權利 (2020年起)。這一突破性的協議也使9號球世錦賽正式加入 Matchroom Pool 的主要賽事之列,並將從增加的獎金和全球電視播出中受益。Matchroom Pool 曾於1999年-2008年間舉辦過世界9號球錦標賽,而2020年世界9號球錦標賽將於10月14日至10月18日舉行,比賽地點將於適當時機另作宣布。

Matchroom Sport主席兼BCA名人堂創辦人Barry Hearn 說道: “這對於全世界的選手與球迷都是個好消息。我們正在大力推動9球賽事,在過去的12個月中我們取得了很多成功,特別是在拉斯維加斯引起轟動的美國公開賽 (US Open),而這對於美式撞球而言將為更加巨大。

“我們將會有128名選手,獎金將提升,而比賽也將對男、女子選手開放參賽並將於全球進祥電視轉播。這將是Matchroom Pool 主要新增不同處,我認為這將帶給全世界的球員與球迷巨大的益處。這項運動正向火熱,我們對2020年充滿期待,並將盡快公布關於賽場、獎金等更多地詳細信息,為另一場盛事作好準備。” Barry Hearn 接著說道。

WPA主席Ian Anderson補充說道: “ WPA很高興與Matchroom擴展合作關係,並由他們回歸舉辦世錦賽。這一振奮人心的消息無疑是對我們這項運動的一劑強心針,無人會質疑Matchroom推廣體育賽事的能力,我們很高興能與他們攜手,期待長期並富有成效的合作關係。”