Less Than One Month Until The Predator World 10-Ball Championship

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Last year, Ping-Chung Ko claimed his first World Championship with a dramatic win in the finals over Joshua Filler. This was part of his incredible 2019, which earned him the WPA #1 ranking he has today.

In less than one month at the Rio All-Suites Hotel and Casino, he’ll have a chance to repeat. The $100,000 added tournament features 64 players in an impressively skilled field. Part of that is due to the appeal of 10-Ball, something Ko appreciates.

“I like 10-ball because it is more difficult to break. Although just one ball more it brings more diversity and visibility to enrich the game,” said Ko. “You need more concentration and more thorough consideration to finish each rack. I enjoy the feelings of playing 10-ball.”

Less Than One Month Until The Predator World 10-Ball Championship (2020)

Foto: JP Parmentier

Admission is free for the five-day competition and the event will be streamed live for no charge on Cuesports International’s YouTube channel. Last year’s event was the first Category 1 WPA sanctioned world championship held in the United States since 1997.

Players already confirmed and announced include Ko, former World 9-Ball Champion Joshua Filler, Billiard’s Digest player of the decade Shane Van Boening, Kremlin Cup winner Tyler Styer, 2017 World Games 9-Ball Champion Carlo Biado and reigning Mosconi Cup MVP Skyler Woodward.

More announcements will be made as we continue to finalize what is one of the most competitive fields of the year.

The Championship takes place over two stages. The first involves all players competing in a race to 8 matches in a double-elimination format until only 16 competitors remain. The surviving players then play in a single-elimination format during the second half of the event, with the race now increased to 10 games. The final phase features re-drawing of the brackets where competitors from the winner’s side take on players from the one-loss side.

The Predator World 10-ball Championship is presented by CueSports International and sponsored by Predator Group, the world’s premier cue makers and billiards accessory manufacturer. The event is being hosted at the Rio All-Suites Hotel and Casino and broadcasted live on YouTube by CSI Media, a subsidiary of CueSports International. For more information, visit www.world10ball.com.

The Predator World 10-ball Championship is sponsored by:
Predator Cues: www.predatorcues.com
CueSports International: www.playcsipool.com
Diamond billiard tables: www.diamondbilliards.com
Omega Billiards: www.omegabilliards.com
Kamui Brand: www.kamuibrand.com

2019 Predator World 10-Ball Championship - Final Ping-Chung Ko

Foto: JP Parmentier

距離不到一個月的時間,美洲豹10號球世錦賽 (Predator World 10-Ball Championship) 將再次於拉斯維加斯的Rio All-Suites Hotel and Casino登場。已確認參賽並宣布的球員包括柯氏兄弟、前9球世錦賽冠軍 Joshua Filler、被撞球文摘雜誌獲選為最佳年代(10年)球員的Shane Van Boening、Kremlin Cup優勝Tyler Styer、2017世運會9球冠軍Carlo Biado、莫斯尼盃 MVP Skyler Woodward 等在內好手。

去年,柯秉中憑藉於決賽中擊敗 Joshua Filler 奪下個人生涯首座世界冠軍,在所獲得積分的助力之下使他居於現今WPA排名第一的位置。

“我喜歡打10號球比賽的感覺,因為它的衝球難度更高。儘管只是多一顆球,但它卻更加地多樣化,並使得比賽更加豐富多變。這使你需要更多專注力及更全面的思考來拿下每一局。” 柯秉中說道。