Klagenfurt comes off the first Eurotour in October – 克拉根福今秋將首次迎來第一個歐巡賽

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The Lord Mayoress city of Klagenfurt, the Governor of Carinthia, the President of ÖPBV and the EPBF Press Officer together with Jasmin and Albin Ouschan, Mario He and Maximilian Lechner attended the press conference. The city of Klagenfurt made an official announcement that the first Eurotour in Klagenfurt will be held in this autumn. The event will take place at Sportpark Klagenfurt with Open and Women division from 5th-8th October.

Klagenfurt is in southern Austria, it’s the main city of the state of Carinthia and the sixth-largest city in the country. The city is on the lake Wörthersee and Glan River, located in the named “Alps-Adria-Region” with Italy and Slovenia. (The Lake Wörthersee is not only the most popular lake in Austria but also the largest as well.)

The EuroTour is organized by the EPBF (European Pocket Billiard Federation) and the IBPF (International Billiard Promotion Foundation).


在奧地利克恩頓州 州長、克拉根福市 市長、奧地利撞球協會與茉莉·歐斯純撞球學院 (Billiard Sport Academy Jasmin Ouschan) 等多方支持與努力下,克拉根福市正式宣布今年第五站的歐巡賽將於10月在當地的克拉根福體育場 (Sportpark Klagenfurt) 開打。在此之前,歐巡賽自1999年起每年均有一站在奧地利進行,而自2010年起至去年為止,則已連續在薩爾茨堡州 蓬高地區聖約翰 (St. Johann im Pongau) 的 Alpina Sports & Wellness 酒店舉辦 7年,今年賽事則將在下週 5月18-21日登場。當日與會出席發布會的有 Jasmin Ouschan, Albin OuschanMario He 與 Maximilian Lechner 4位地主球員。

克拉根福 (Klagenfurt) 坐落於克拉根福谷地的韋爾特湖畔 (Wörthersee),其為奧地利克恩頓邦的首府,奧地利的第六大城市。 如果說到奧地利撞球,率先讓人聯想到的也就非Ouschan姊弟莫屬。倆人無疑地是現今奧地利撞球的指標性球員,而克拉根福更是兩人從小出生長大的地方,相信對他們來說此次賽事的舉辦將更加地別具意義。

L to R: Mario He, Maximilian Lechner, Jasmin Ouschan and Albin Ouschan

2017 Klagenfurt Open Press Conference - 01

Dr. Maria-Luise Mathiaschitz, Lord Mayoress city of Klagenfurt 克拉根福市市長

2017 Klagenfurt Open Press Conference - 02

Dr. Peter Kaiser, Governor of Carinthia 克恩頓州州長

2017 Klagenfurt Open Press Conference - 03

Mr. Norbert Engel, President Austrian Pool Billard Federation 奧地利撞球協會會長

2017 Klagenfurt Open Press Conference - 04

Thomas Overbeck, The EPBF Press Officer 歐洲撞球協會聯盟新聞官

Photos from the Eurotour/ the EC appeared in the video are copyrighted by EPBF, and Photos from Mosconi Cup are copyrighted by JP Parmentier.