Jasmin Ouschan wins straight pool title

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In an intense final match, Jasmin Ouschan (AUT) won the title of the European Straight Pool Champion 2015 with 75:57 over Kamila Khodjaeva (BEL). Both players have just arrived here from Asia, playing the Amway Cup in Taiwan. Therefore, one could see that they were both really exhausted.

However, the match was still high class pool with a bit too many mistakes from both sides. Since none of the two contestants could really gain a big lead over the other, the match remained really exciting until Khodjaeva played a bad safety shot at the score of 64:57 in favor of Ouschan. That was her last visit to the table. Ouschan ran the table and won her 8th straight pool European Championship in the past 11 years. „I am really happy this is over“, said Ouschan after the match, „I am so exhausted. I took a defeat in the early rounds and had to fight my way all through the loser’s side“, Ouschan added.

2015 Eurotour German Open - Another victory for Jasmin Ouschan

歐錦賽14-1決賽由奧地利名將Jasmin Ouschan對上2012年青少年世錦賽冠軍,比利時的Kamila Khodjaeva。兩位選手都參與了甫在台灣落幕的安麗盃,開賽前剛從亞洲抵達葡萄牙,在經過了長途的飛行後,看得出兩位選手們的疲憊感。 決賽當中,雖然雙方都出現了一些失誤,但兩位選手仍展現出一場高水平的演出。比賽進行的相當激烈,雙方都無法拉開與對方之間的差距之下,直到Khodjaeva出現了一個安全球的做球失誤後,讓Ouschan取得64:57的領先。而那也成為了Khodjaeva最後一次的上場擊球,最終Ouschan清台並拿下了今年的14-1冠軍。而這也是Jasmin Ouschan在過去11年歐錦賽當中,所贏得的第8個14-1項目的冠軍。


Semi-final results 四強賽賽果:

Marharyta Fefilava (BLR)  v  Jasmin Ouschan  36:75

Kamila Khodjaeva  v  Caroline Roos (SWE)  75:29


Quarter-final results 四強賽賽果:

Marharyta Fefilava  v  Kristina Tkach (RUS) 75:35

Silvia Lopez (ESP)  v  Jasmin Ouschan 24:75

Line Kjoersvik (NOR)  v  Kamila Khodjaeva 41:75

Sandra Baumgartner (AUT)  v  Caroline Roos (SWE) 44:75

Earlier today, several rounds of 10-ball were played in the various disciplines.



Several unexpected results occurred in the men’s division. In round one, Sebastian Staab (GER) defeated Andreas Gerwen (SWE) unexpectedly clear with 8:3. Then, in the winner’s qualification round, defending Champion David Alcaide (ESP) left no doubts he wants to defend his title. 8:4 was the final result over Karol Skowerski (POL). A big loss happened to „The Terminator“ Niels Feijen (NED). He had to give in to unheralded Dino Cerimagic (BIH) with 5:8. Eklent Kaci, young talented player from Albania, handed a whitewash to Marek Hajdovsky , winning 8:0. Petri Makkonen (FIN) overcameAlbin Ouschan (AUT) 8:4 and send him to the loser’s side. Totally unexpected was also the result from Roger Rasmussen (NOR). He won 8:5 over Alexander Kazakis (GRE).

Michael Gavenciak (CZE) had a hill-hill thriller with Mario He (AUT) which was already a huge success for him. On top of that, he managed to win the deciding rack and took the match with 8:7 from the Austrian. Tomasz Kaplan (POL) got the better of BCA Hall of Famer Ralf Souquet (GER), winning 8:4. However, most favored players made their way through the loser’s qualification round and will enter the single elimination stage tomorrow. Only Mario He got eliminated by his teammate Maximilian Lechner with 5:8. Two more famous casualties of the loser’s qualification round were Niels Feijen, who also lost to a teammate Marc Bijsterbosch with 6:8. Albin Ouschan (AUT) is the third in that line. He lost to underdog Nicolas Kalb (FRA) with 7:8.

在男子組10號球的賽事當中也出現了幾個意想不到的比賽結果。在第一輪當中,瑞典選手Andreas Gerwen意外的以3:8敗給了德國的Sebastian Staab (GER)。在接下來的勝部資格賽中,衛冕冠軍西班牙好手David Alcaide 毫無疑問的想再次完成衛冕,最終就以8:4擊敗波蘭選手Karol Skowerski。最出乎人意料的無疑是來自荷蘭的”終結者”Niels Feijen 5:8 爆冷輸給了來自波士尼亞與赫塞哥維納的Dino Cerimagic阿爾巴尼亞的年輕小將Eklent Kaci則以8:0橫掃捷克選手Marek Hajdovsky芬蘭選手Petri Makkonen以8:4擊敗奧地利的Albin Ouschan後,也讓Albin Ouschan落入到了敗部。同樣出乎意料的還有來自挪威的Roger Rasmussen以8:5戰勝了希臘好手Alexander Kazakis

捷克的Michael Gavenciak與奧地利選手Mario He在最後搶尾局當中,成功的就以8:7拿下勝利。波蘭名將Tomasz Kaplan則從BCA名人堂成員德國老將Ralf Souquet手中以8:4拿下勝利。然而,大部分被看好的選手們也都通過了敗部資格賽進入到了明天的單敗淘汰賽階段。只有奧地利的Mario He遭隊友Maximilian Lechner以8:5淘汰出局。而另外兩位明星選手Niels FeijenAlbin Ouschan也不幸的以6:8及7:8不敵對手慘遭淘汰。



The women’s 10-ball started with a big upset. Jasmin Ouschan (AUT) lost a hill-hill thriller with her long-time rival Kamila Khodjaeva (BEL) 5:6 in the first round. Defending Champion Katarzyna Wesolowska (POL) wasted no time with Nathalie Seichter (NED) and handed her a clear 6:1 defeat in the first winner’s round. Claudia Kunz (SUI) had a good day today. She made her way straight into the single elimination, winning her matches with Daria Sirotina (RUS) 6:5 and Martine Christiansen (NOR) 6:4.

After having defeated Jasmin Ouschan in the first round, Kamila Khodjaeva smashed Christine Feldmann (SUI) 6:0, before she lost to Kynthia Orfanidis (NED) 4:6. Ana Mazhirina (RUS) had three straight victories to book her set in the round of the last 16 players. She won over Oliwia Czuprynska (POL) 6:3, then got the better of Line Kjoersvik (NOR) 6:1 before she powered past Vania Franco(POR) 6:2. 女子組方面,Jasmin Ouschan.

在女子組方面,第一輪比賽中,在最後搶尾局以5:6敗給了她的老對手Kamila Khodjaeva。衛冕冠軍波蘭女將Katarzyna Wesolowska在勝部第一輪並沒有花費太多時間,輕鬆地以6:1擊敗來自荷蘭的Nathalie Seichter。瑞士選手Claudia Kunz在接連以6:5及6:4擊敗俄羅斯的Daria Sirotina及挪威選手Martine Christiansen後,也將自己進入到單敗淘汰賽階段。

Kamila Khodjaeva 在第一輪擊敗Jasmin Ouschan後,勝部第一輪又以6:0橫掃她的對手,來自瑞士的Christine Feldmann,但隨後在勝部資格賽則以4:6不敵荷蘭選手Kynthia Orfanidis。俄羅斯好手Ana Mazhirina以6:3、6:1及6:2擊敗波蘭年輕好手Oliwia Czuprynska、挪威名將Line Kjoersvik 及地主選手葡萄牙的Vania Franco,以三戰全勝的姿態進入到最後16強。



Only one round of wheelchair 10-ball was played today. In the second loser’s round, Henrik Larsson (SWE) lost 1:5 to Roy Kimberley (GBR). The same result was good for Matej Brajkovic (SLO) in his match over David Himpe (BEL). Tony Southern (GBR) eliminated his teammate Daniel Luton 5:3. Manfred Gattinger (GER) just made it over Daniel Lee (GBR) with 5:4.

最後在輪椅組方面,目前在歐錦賽上共計拿下27面獎牌數的瑞典名將Henrik Larsson在敗部第二輪以1:5輸給了英國選手Roy Kimberley。斯洛維尼亞選手Matej Brajkovic也以相同比數5:1擊敗來自比利時的David Himpe。而Tony Southern則以5:3淘汰了隊友Daniel Luton,最後德國選手Manfred Gattinger驚險的以5:4結束了英國選手Daniel Lee的10號球之旅。

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The tournament will continue tomorrow at 09:00 local time with women’s 10-ball matches. Tomorrow night at 21:00 local time, the final matches in 10-ball in all divisions will be played.

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