Introducing The New DigiCue BLUE Bluetooth® enabled Billiard Training Device

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After more than two years of research, we are pleased to announce The DigiCue BLUE Bluetooth® enabled Billiard Training Device. It analyzes your stroke and sends detailed statistics to your smartphone or mobile device. The brand new DigiCue BLUE works with the DigiCue app available for both iOS and android devices. The original DigiCue was a huge success and we have now followed that up with the most requested feature that we have been asked for, the ability for the device to sync with a smartphone or tablet and show you exactly what is happening when you stroke so that you can quickly improve your game and track your results overtime.

The MSRP is $187 for the DigiCue BLUE and both the iOS app and the android app will be a free download. For more information or to pre-order you can visit the OB Cues website here:

NOTE: The DigiCue Blue’s will ship out no later than November 17th (that is a worst case scenario). This will be the ultimate holiday gift!

The DigiCue BLUE was developed by OB Cues who are headquartered in Plano, Texas and are a leading manufacturer of high performance Pool Cues and Pool Cue Shafts made 100% in the USA since 2005. For more information on the DigiCue BLUE, OB Cues, OB shafts or to become an authorized dealer, please visit or like us on Facebook at

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首推出的DigiCue獲得了巨大的成功,在經過兩年多的研究,很高興地宣布推出 DigiCue BLUE 藍芽撞球訓練裝置。全新的DigiCue BLUE 可與DigiCue app 配合使用,並適用於 iOS 與 Android 系統。它會分析你的出桿,並將詳細統計資料傳送到你的手機或行動裝置,以便你能快速地做出調整改善並追蹤。

建議零售價為 $187美金,有關更多信息或預訂:

NOTE: DigiCue Blue 將不遲於11月17日ㄎ開始寄送作業 (此為最壞的情況之下)。

DigiCue BLUE由總部設在美國德州的 OB Cues 所開發,自2005年以來,一直以其優良的性能和制作工藝聞名於世,撞球桿與前截並均為100%美國製造。有關DigiCue BLUE,OB 球桿、前截等更多信息或成為授權經銷商,請訪問 或上Facebook專頁



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