Feijen terminated them all – 荷蘭公開賽落幕 Feijen復仇Alcaide捧杯

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„The Terminator“ Niels Feijen (NED) just won the Dynamic Billard Dutch Open in Leende, The Netherlands, with a 9:7 victory over David Alcaide (ESP) in the final match.

The final match between Feijen and Alcaide began with a break and run from Alcaide. That was the only time that Alcaide had a lead over Feijen for a long time in the match. Feijen came up strong and look a 3:1 lead over Alcaide. But Alcaide stayed in the match, never allowing Feijen to get away too far. After twelve racks, the score was leveled at 6:6. Then Alcaide even got to 7:6 over Feijen. But „The Terminator“ showed a strong will for victory today. In rack 14, Feijen broke and ran out to equalize the score at 7:7. Then, Alcaide had no shot after his break in rack 15 but he tried to force the 1-ball in. He failed and allowed Feijen back to the table. „The Terminator“ played a safety shot which was not good enough for Alcaide.

The Spaniard started shooting, ran out of position and tried to play a safety for his Dutch opponent. Feijen got to the table and solved the problem by firing the 4-ball in with a jump shot and running the table, getting on the hill with 8:7 and his own break shot coming up. He had the 1-ball down in the side-pocket but could not pocket the 2-ball anywhere. So he came up with a brilliant safety shot which gave Alcaide no other option but try to hit the 2-ball and avoid a foul. Alcaide did contact the 2-ball first but left an open table for Feijen who took his chance and ran the rack for the victory on his home turf here in The Netherlands, winning the final match with 9:7 over David Alcaide.

„It feels great!“, Feijen answered when asked about his feeling to have broken the „Dutch curse“ in The Netherlands today. „I won a Euro-Tour in Holland before when it was still in Weert, but that was back in the early 2000’s“, added Feijen, „but the last two years I did not play all too good over here.“ „Now the pressure for the Mosconi team is gone“, Feijen said, „I played David last week in Italy at the Verona Cup and I lost so it’s nice to set that straight in a good sportsmanship, of course.“

2016 Eurotour Netherlands Open - Feijen terminated them all

2016年歐洲巡迴賽荷蘭公開賽近日於荷蘭Leende落下帷幕,在最終進行的決賽上,主場作戰的“終結者” Niels Feijen 9-7力克西班牙名將David Alcaide,奪得桂冠的同時也報了一周前在義大利Verona Cup負於對手的一箭之仇。



“感覺太棒了”,當被問及打破自己荷蘭魔咒的感覺時,Feijen這樣回答道,“我之前在荷蘭Weert贏得了一場歐巡賽的勝利,那是2000年的事了,但是在最近的兩年中我在這兒打得並不好。” Feijen補充說到:“現在莫斯考尼杯的壓力沒有了。我上周在意大利Verona Cup輸給了David,所以這次能打敗他顯然是很棒的精神面貌。”


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Top Eight Finishers 八強
1. Niels Feijen NED 荷蘭
2. David Alcaide ESP 西班牙
3. Wojciech Szewczyk POL 波蘭
  Francisco Sanchez-Ruiz ESP 西班牙
5. Woytek Trajdos POL 波蘭
  Fedor Gorst RUS 俄羅斯
  Mark Gray GBR 英國
  Romen Hybler CZE 捷克

That concludes the coverage of the Dynamic Billard Dutch Open in the Golden Tulip Jagershorst Hotel in Leende, The Netherlands. We will be back with more Euro-Tour action in late November from Treviso, Italy.

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