Fefilava wins Women’s Euro-Tour in Portugal

2017 Eurotour Braga Open - Fefilava wins Women’s Euro-Tour in PortugalMarharyta Fefilava (BLR)
2017 Eurotour Braga Open - Katarzyna Wesolowska

Katarzyna Wesolowska (POL)

Marharyta Fefilava (BLR) just won the Women Portugal Open in Braga, Portugal, with a 7:4 victory in the final match over Katarzyna Wesolowska (POL).

The young lady from Belarus had one of the best tournaments in her career so far. After a fierce struggle, she managed to take down Oliwia Czuprynska (POL) 7:6 in a thriller of a quarter-final match. Czuprynska was almost the clear winner when she missed an easy shot being 6:5 in the lead. Fefilava punished her without mercy for this mistake, winning that rack and running out the next to take the match. Then, she went on and defeated Nataliya Seroshtan (RUS) 7:4 in the semi-final to book her seat in the final match against Wesolowska. The Polish made her way into the final match with victories over host Sara Rocha (POR) 7:1, then Ana Gradisnik (SLO) in the quarter-final with 7:4 and finally she defeated favoured Kristina Tkach (RUS) surprisingly clear with 7:2 in the semi-final of the event.

The final match was pretty much dominated by Fefilava. After a few problems in the early stage, she took a 4:2 lead over Wesolowska who took a time-out at that time in order to try and rearrange herself. It looked quite promising when she came back since she took the next rack and was only one rack away from levelling the match. But Fefilava played better and won another two consecutive racks to get on the hill with 6:3. The pressure was very high for Wesolowska now. She scored one more point but in the end, Marharyta Fefilava potted the deciding 9-ball to win the match and the tournament 7:4.

This was Fefilava’s second victory after the tournament in Leende in August this year , and with the points achieved she now leads the rankings of the Euro-Tour for women over Jasmin Ouschan (AUT) and Kristina Tkach (RUS).

2017 Eurotour Braga Open - Marharyta Fefilava

女子葡萄牙公開賽順利於布拉加 (Braga)落下帷幕。最終,白俄羅斯選手Marharyta Fefilava 在決賽以7-4擊敗波蘭的Katarzyna Wesolowska 摘下冠軍。

女子葡萄牙公開賽可謂來自白俄羅斯的年輕小將Fefilava 迄今為止職業生涯中最佳的比賽之一。她在八強賽對上了波蘭好手Oliwia Czuprynska。11局過後,Czuprynska以6-5領先,距離勝利僅一步之遙的Czuprynska卻出現一個簡單失誤也讓她就此葬送了比賽。Fefilava再次回到球桌上,最終有驚無險地以7-6戰勝對手。緊接著的半決賽再以7-4淘汰俄羅斯的Nataliya Seroshtan進到決賽。

她在決賽中的對手則是另一外波蘭好手Katarzyna WesolowskaWesolowska先後以7-1、7-4分別擊敗地主的Sara Rocha及斯洛維尼亞小將Ana Gradisnik,最終在四強賽以7-2豪取了俄羅斯年輕好手Kristina Tkach挺進決賽。

決賽中,Fefilava大致上居於統治地位,6局過後暫居4-2領先。Wesolowska適時喊了暫停,試著重新調整好自己。暫停過後,在拿下一局並僅一局落後。但Fefilava的發揮要來得更加理想,連下2局後也將比賽帶到6:3聽牌局面。Wesolowska雖在追回一局,但仍抵擋不住對手。Marharyta Fefilava 打進最後一顆9號球後,終場就以7-4拿下比賽勝利。

這也是Fefilava繼8月在荷蘭Leende之後,所拿下的第2個歐巡賽。而憑藉著贏得該比賽,也讓她在積分排行榜上超越了Jasmin OuschanKristina Tkach

2017 Eurotour Braga Open - Ceremony


Top Eight Players 比賽前八強選手:
1. Marharyta Fefilava (BLR)
2. Katarzyna Wesolowska (POL)
3. Kristina Tkach (RUS)
Nataliya Seroshtan (RUS)
5. Tina Vogelmann (GER)
Oliwia Czuprynska (POL)
Ana Gradisnik (SLO)
Kateryna Polovinchuk (UKR)

Top Ten Euro-Tour Rankings 歐巡賽排名前10名:
1. Marharyta Fefilava (BLR)
2. Jasmin Ouschan (AUT)
3. Kristina Tkach (RUS)
4. Katarzyna Wesolowska (POL)
5. Veronika Ivanovskaia (GER)
6. Oliwia Czuprynska (POL)
7. Kateryna Polovinchuk (UKR)
8. Melanie Suessenguth (GER)
9. Tina Vogelmann (GER)
10. Nataliya Seroshtan (RUS)