Dynamic and EPBF continue their prosperous partnership in 2018

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The long-time EPBF sponsor Dynamic Billard continues its long-time partnership with the EPBF also in 2018. The company which is located in Germany has been a partner of the EPBF for many years now. In 2018, Dynamic has agreed to supply 60 tables for the anniversary European Championships in summer alone. Additionally, Dynamic provides 24 tables for the Euro-Tour events. These tables can all be bought after the respective event. If interested, please contact the President of the EPBF, Gre Leenders at gre.leenders@planet.nl.

„The EPBF is very pleased with the long time partnership between us and Dynamic Billard“, stated Leenders, „it has been a fruitful cooperation with benefits for both sides for many years now and we are happy to have Dynamic Billard on board for another year“.

Said Daniel Koblenz from Dynamic Billiards: „We are proud to be main sponsor of the EPBF for already 20 years now and to be part of its positive development reaching its peak in this years’ Jubilee EC on 60 Dynamic III tables. This is definitely going to be the biggest event in Europe’s Pool Billiard history.”

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歐洲撞球協會 (EPBF) 的長期贊助商Dynamic Billard在2018年將繼續維持其合作關係。Dynamic 將為夏季所舉辦的歐洲撞球錦標賽 (European Championships) 提供60張球桌。此外,也將提供24張球桌作為歐洲巡迴賽所使用。

歐洲撞球協會主席 Leenders 說道: “EPBF非常滿意與Dynamic Billard之間的長期合作,雙方多年來的合作卓有成效,我們很高興繼續迎來與Dynamic Billard之間的合作。”

成為EPBF的主要贊助商已經有20年,我們為此而感到自豪。今年將會有60張Dynamic三代球桌於Jubilee歐洲撞球錦標賽上同時亮相,這絕對將成為歐洲撞球史上最大的賽事。Dynamic Billiards代表Daniel Koblenz說道