Dynamic Billard North Cyprus Open started with surprises – 北賽普勒斯站首日 Immonen爆冷跌敗部

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The Dynamic Billard North Cyprus Open have started today with several unexpected results already in the early rounds.

One of the bigger upsets was the clear 9:4 victory of Wojciech Szewczyk (POL) over Mika Immonen (FIN) on the TV table arena. Immonen, who made it here all the way from the United States where he resides since many years now, got no foot on the floor against the young gun from Poland. Consequently, the result displays a clear affair in favor of Szewczyk. Szewczyk will face Andrey Seroshtan (RUS) in the next winner’s round. Seroshtan advanced to the second round without having to play since his Lebanese opponent Ramzi Assaf did not show up. Immonen needs to make his way through the loser’s side now.

BCA Hall of Famer Ralf Souquet (GER) had to struggle very hard against his first opponent Jani Kela (FIN). Kela who is here completely unheralded, provided a tough fight for the grandmaster. After 16 racks, the scoreboard displayed a tie at 8:8 between the two competitors. Then, Souquet displayed all his class and ran the last and deciding rack in order to take the match 9:8 and send Kela to the loser’s side of the draw.

Nr. 1 ranked player on the Euro-Tour rankings, Mark Gray (GBR) made short work of Saki Kanatlar (TUR) and handed him a 9:5 defeat. Sebastian Staab (GER) was able to overpower French legend Stephane Cohen with 9:6. Cohen committed several mistakes in the match and even left the final 9-ball hanging over the pocket for Staab. Cohen was an easy prey for Staab today and he will have to improve his performance on the loser’s side if he does not want an early exit from the event.

Ali Karanfiloglou (TNC) won over Nick Malai (GRE) 9:8. The match was a thriller just like its end itself. Karanfiloglou now holds many hopes from the local supporters.

The tournament is continued today with the last round starting at 20:30 local time.

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2016 Eurotour North Cyprus - Mika Immonen (FIN)

Mika Immonen (FIN)

歐巡賽-北賽普勒斯公開賽於昨日拉開戰幕,首日比賽中,芬蘭“冰人”Mika Immonen 4-9 脆敗波蘭小將Wojciech Szewczyk,爆出一大冷門。德國名將Ralf Souquet特則9-8擊敗Jani Kela,有驚無險進入勝部。

本站歐巡賽率先打響的是公開組的比賽,共有140餘人參與爭奪。在雙敗首輪比賽中,從美國趕來參賽的Mika Immonen在TV台上迎戰波蘭小將Wojciech Szewczyk。整場比賽,Immonen幾乎沒有上台機會,很快便以4-9的比分潰敗對手,爆冷跌入敗部。Mika Immonen在勝部將要面臨的對手是俄羅斯的Andrey Seroshtan,後者因對手棄賽而直接晉級。

美國名人堂成員Souquet面對芬蘭的Jani Kela,後者完全沒有什麽名氣,卻給Souquet制造了相當大的麻煩。16局比賽後,場上比分8-8平。決勝局,Souquet終於展現出大師級的實力,很好的掌控了局面,從而以9-8的比分艱難擊敗對手,有驚無險地晉級勝部。

其他場次,歐巡賽積分榜榜首的Mark Gray 9-5輕取首勝,Sebastian Staab 9-6力克法國傳奇球星Stephane CohenCohen在比賽中出現了不少諸如將9號球停在袋口一類的低級失誤,若他不想早早離開賽場,那他必須盡快提升狀態。承載著當地球迷殷切希望的本土選手Ali Karanfiloglou則9-8險勝希臘球員Nick Malai

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