Double-bubble for teams Germany – 青少年歐錦賽團體賽落幕 德國隊衛冕雙組別桂冠

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The Gold Medals in the team competition of the Dynamic Billard European Championships Youth in Tirana, Albania, have been claimed. Team Germany have defended the desired titles on the final day of the Championships in both divisions.

The match in the Under 19’s was pretty much dominated by team Germany who also were the defending Champions and favorites in the clash with team The Netherlands. The first point was brought into the German account by multiple European Champion Patrick Hofmann. He conquered Cyriel Ledoux in  10-ball with 7:5. Later on today, Hofmann will also play in the semi-final of the 9-ball individuals and he will have a shot at his 4th Gold Medal during these Championships. An absolutely amazing performance by Hofmann. The necessary point for the German team victory was collected by Kevin Schiller who took down Jan van Lierop 8:4 in the 9-ball match. That brought the Gold Medal to team Germany.


青年組團體賽決賽由德國隊迎戰荷蘭隊。在過去的青少年歐錦賽中,青年組團體賽冠軍幾乎被德國隊壟斷,這一次也沒有例外。比賽中,多次歐洲賽事冠軍Patrick Hofmann在10號球爭奪中7-5力克Cyriel Ledoux,為德國隊先拔頭籌。值得一提的是,Hofmann將在晚些時候開始的9號球項目半決賽中亮相,他將衝擊本屆比賽個人第四面金牌。接著,Kevin Schiller在9號球中8-4輕取Jan van Lierop,為德國隊奠定勝局。

Top eight finishers Team Under 19
1. Germany 德國
2. Netherlands 荷蘭
3. Poland 波蘭
Russia 俄羅斯
5. Austria 奧地利
Czech Republic 捷克
  North Cyprus 北賽普勒斯
Norway 挪威


2016 9-ball WC - Double-bubble for teams Germany

German teams celebrating their victories

The final match in the Under 17’s turned into a thriller. Fedor Gorst finished Leon Kohl quite quickly with 7:2 in 9-ball and opened the account for the Russians. At that time, the 10-ball match between Luca Menn and Ilia Nekleenov was hill-hill. Shooting at the 6-ball, Nekleenov made a huge mistake and missed an easy shot. Instead of sealing the deal for his team, he gave a chance to Menn to get back to the table. The German used the chance, won the 10-ball 6:5 and tied the score in the team match 1:1. The 8-ball match had to decide. Pete Herman was up 5:4 against Egor Trifonov. The Russian managed to level at 5:5. Then, Herman used his chance, broke the balls and cleared the table to win the match 6:5 and bring the Gold Medal to his team.

少年組方面,決賽雙方分別是德國隊與俄羅斯隊。比賽進程相當激烈,Fedor Gorst 7-2輕鬆贏下與Leon Kohl的9號球之爭,為俄羅斯先下一城。接著,Luca Menn在10號球上6-5絕殺Ilia Nekleenov為德國隊扳平比分。在決定冠軍歸屬的的8號號球爭奪中,Pete Herman出戰Egor Trifonov,雙方一度僵持至5-5平。最終,Herman在決勝局中完成開球後清台,一錘定音,這場勝利也正式宣告德國隊成功衛冕團體賽雙組別桂冠。

Top eight finishers Team Under 17
1. Germany 德國
2. Russia 俄羅斯
3. Denmark 丹麥
Poland 波蘭
5. Netherlands 荷蘭
North Cyprus 北賽普勒斯
Norway 挪威

Medal table after 4 of 5 events 總獎牌數 (第四項賽事結束後)


2016 EC Youth - Medal table after 4 of 5 events

The Dynamic Billard European Championships Youth will continue today with the 9-ball semi-finals and finals to come. At the moment, teams Germany and Russia are fiercely fighting for the victory of the overall medal count.

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