Czuprynska takes her first Women’s Euro-Tour title

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Oliwia Czuprynska (POL) just won the Dynamic Billard Treviso Open Women’s Euro-Tour event with a convincing 7:2 victory over Kateryna Polovinchuk (UKR) in the final match.

Czuprynska had the better roll of the balls in the final. Leading 3:2, she missed an 8-ball but the cue ball went snookered behind the 9-ball, leaving no shot for her opponent. Polovinchuk tried to hit the 8-ball over one rail and succeeded in doing so but the cue ball scratched in the side pocket. That brought Czuprynska to 4:2. Later on in the match, Czuprynska grew stronger while Polovinchuk obviously seemed to struggle to get going. Whatever the Ukrainian tried, she could not come up with something to put into her account. Trailing 2:5, Polovinchuk tried a kiss shot off the 1-ball and pocket the 9-ball. She did not make it; to the contrary, she left the 9-ball having over the pocket for Czuprynska who accepted the gift and went on the hill with a 6:2 lead. The final rack again was determined by the strong play of Czuprynska who finally pocketed the final 9-ball and won the match and the tournament with 7:2.

„I am so happy“, stated Czuprynska, „this is my first victory in a Women’s Euro-Tour event.“ „I am now looking forward to making it to the World Championships again and maybe finish with a 9th place or better“, added Czuprynska.

Earlier today, Polovinchuk took care of two major upsets in the event. She ousted former Champion Monica Webb (USA) with 7:5 in the loser’s qualification round. Then she went on and defeated European star player Jasmin Ouschan (AUT) with 7:6 in the round of the last 16 players. In the quarter-finals, Polovinchuk took care of Kristina Tkach.

2015 Treviso Open - Czuprynska takes her first Womens Euro-Tour title

Oliwia Czuprynska (POL)

Top Eight Finishers Dynamic Billard Treviso Open 2015 Women’s Euro-Tour

1. Oliwia Czuprynska (POL)

2. Kateryna Polovinchuk (UKR)

3. Ina Kaplan (GER)
    Marika Poikkijoki (FIN)

5. Sara Rocha (POR)
Kristina Tkach (RUS)
Sandra Baumgartner (AUT)
    Line Kjoersvik (NOR)

Top Ten ranked players in the Women’s Euro-Tour rankings:

1. Nataliya Seroshtan (RUS)  2220 pts

2. Sandra Baumgartner (AUT)  1900 pts

3. Caroline Roos (SWE)  1880 pts

4. Jennifer Vietz (GER)  1745 pts

5. Louise Furberg (SWE)  1740 pts

6. Veronika Ivanovskaia (GER)  1730 pts

7. Ine Helvik (NOR)  1680 pts

8. Ana Mazhirina (RUS)  1670 pts

9. Melanie Suessenguth (GER)  1645 pts

10. Barbara Bolfelli (ITA)  1630 pts


The event was hosted by the European Governing Body for Pool, the European Pocket Billiard Federation (EPBF) and organized by International Billiard Promotion (IBP). For further information and reference please go to the federation , or contact our press office.