Correia defended the 10-ball crown while Moscetti took her first title

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Henrique Correia (POR) and Christina Moscetti (ITA) won the titles in the 10-ball individuals at the Dynamic Billard European Championships for Seniors and Ladies in St. Johann i.Pg., Austria.

The early stage of the final match was determined by several mistakes from Correia. That allowed Thehu to take a quick 3:1 advantage over Correia. But then he scratched in rack 5 and Correia managed to pull back two racks, tying the match at 3:3. In rack 7, Thehu committed a foul and gave ball in hand to Correia who consequently made use of the situation and went ahead 4:3. Rack 8 was dominated by safety play on the 2-ball. Correia managed to force Thehu to commit another foul, and Correia tried to run the rack to get to 5:3. But he missed the 9-ball in the side pocket. Luckily for him, he left a tough shot for Thehu. The missed the 9-ball, too, and left a walk in the park for Correia who got to 5:3. The Portuguese also took the next rack to get on the hill 6:3. With that advantage, Correia got ball in hand in the 10th rack since Thehu committed a foul, again. But Correia could not run out. He missed the 6-ball in the side pocket, leaving again a tough shot for Thehu. Thehu played a good safety but unfortunately for him, he pocketed the 6-ball and hooked himself on the 7-ball. That was all Correia needed to win the match and the title with 7:3. „I would like to dedicate this title to my friend Paolo Costa“, said an emotional Correia after the awards ceremony.

2015 EC Senior - Correia defended the 10-ball crown while Moscetti took her first title

Christina Moscetti (ITA) & Henrique Correia (POR)

歐洲錦標賽10球項目的爭奪於昨晚在奧地利 蓬高地區聖約翰(St. Johann i.Pg) 結束,元老組葡萄牙的Henrique Correia在1:3落後的情況下,連扳6局,上演驚天逆轉,成功衛冕。女子組Christina Moscetti則奪得她生涯首個桂冠。

元老組決賽在CorreiThehu之間展開。比賽前期利雷亞失誤不斷,很快便以1:3落後Thehu。此後,Correi抓住機會拿下第5局並利用Thehu的失誤連下兩局,以4:3反超。第8局比賽,雙方在2號球上展開安全球大戰,期間Correi一桿高質量的防守迫使Thehu出現失誤,Correi接過好局後卻在進攻9號球中袋時失誤,幸運地是沒有給Thehu留下好的進攻機會。Thehu強行進攻未進,Correi上場清台將比分優勢擴大到兩局。關鍵的第9局比賽,Thehu再次失誤,Correi順勢拿下此局,6:3拿到賽點。第10局比賽,好運再次站在了Correi這邊,Thehu在用6號球防守時,母球藏得很好,6號球卻滾入袋中,Thehu解球留下機會,Correi輕鬆拿下此局,以7:3的比分逆轉Thehu成功衛冕。頒獎儀式上,Correi激動地說到: “我想把這個冠軍獻給我的朋友 Paolo Costa。”

Top Eight Finishers Seniors 10-ball

  1. Henrique Correia (POR)
  2. Jesse Thehu (NED)
  3. Vegar Kristiansen (NOR)
    Dag-Joran Aralden (NOR)
  4. Sascha Specchia (SUI)
    Dirk Stenten (GER)
    Gijs van Helmond (NED)
    Espen Saltnes (NOR)


Cristina Moscetti and Karin Michl both started out quite leveled. After 6 racks, the score was tied at 3:3. Rack 7 was hard fought over. It was Karin Michl who finally won the rack and got to the hill first, leading 4:3. The next break was Moscetti’s. She had a ball down and missed the first shot. After a few safety shots, Moscetti got momentum first and had the balls spread open on the table for her. She cleared the table to make the final match a hill-hill thriller. Rack 9 saw Karin Michl breaking the balls. She had no balls down and gave the table to Moscetti who opened the safety battle. With a lucky safety, Michl forced Moscetti to play a foul shot and received ball in hand with seven balls left on the table. Since these balls were still not in good positions Michl decided to pocket some balls and then go for safety again. When she got to the table she made some amazing shots including pocketing the 6-ball over one rail and getting perfect position for the 7-ball. But when she pocketed the 7-ball, she scratched in the side pocket. Moscetti got to the table with ball in hand and only two balls left. That brought her the title. „It is like a dream for me“, stated Moscetti, „I still cannot believe it.“

女子組決賽由Moscetti對陣Michl 。開局階段比分交替上升,6局後比分為3:3平。Michl 利用莫切蒂的失誤拿下第7局,4:3率先拿到賽點。關鍵的第8局比賽中,Moscetti衝球有球下,在進攻第一顆球時卻發生失誤,好在此時台面不勝理想。經過幾輪防守後,Moscetti占得先機拿下此局,將比賽拖入決勝局。決勝局Michl 在沖球後無球入袋,但給Moscetti留下了並不理想的台面。Moscetti未能打開局面,而Michl 在一次安全球中得到了幸運女神的眷顧,莫切蒂解球失敗。Michl 上場時台面還剩7顆球,她打進了幾顆高難度的球,尤其是在進攻難度頗大的6號球時不但打進還完美地走到了7號球。不可思議的是,Michl 在打進7號球的同時白球卻進了中袋。Moscetti接管台面,輕鬆打進剩下兩顆球。這樣,Moscetti就以5:4的比分擊敗Michl 奪得冠軍,這也是她職業生涯首個冠軍頭銜。”這就像一場夢一樣,我現在仍不敢相信這是真的。” Moscetti說道。

Top Six Finishers Ladies 10-ball

  1. Cristina Moscetti (ITA)
  2. Karin Michl (GER)
  3. Nathalie Rohmer (FRA)
    Hildegard Kasper
  4. Barbara Bolfelli (ITA)
    Ilona Zalmanova (CZE)

Medal Table after 2 of 5 events

  1. Germany
  2. Italy
  3. Netherlands
  4. France


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