CBSA Int’l 9Ball Open: Chang and Fisher Crowned in Liuzhou – 張榮麟、Fisher 柳州站摘冠

2017 CBSA International 9 Ball Open Liuzhou - Kelly Fisher and CHANG Jung-Lin

The “LiuZhou Bank & Visionland Cup” CBSA International 9-Ball Open 2017 (LiuZhou Event) saw its last two matches in the afternoon on 18th June.  Coincidentally, both the women and men winner has a special tie with the number “seven”.  After being in the final for the seventh time of the series, Kelly Fisher finally won her maiden CBSA title this time in LiuZhou, after beating the current world number one Han Yu (China) in a thrilling decider.  As for Chang Jung-Lin (Chinese Taipei), who have been in second places seven times consecutively in the past two years, finally broke the curse by taking down his fellow Taiwanese youngster Liu Zheng-Jie with a huge score of 11-2.

The women’s final started at 1:00pm sharp, with Kelly Fisher and Han Yu, both coming through the winners’ bracket of group stages, under the spotlight.  In the single elimination stage, Fisher saw off Rita Chou of Taiwan (9-4) and Zhou DouDou of China (9-6), and then the newly crowned China Open champion Chen Siming (9-5) to reach the final.  On the other hand, Han Yu took down two Chinese players Fu Xiaofang (9-5) and Xia Yuyung (9-7), before taking down Wei Tzu-Chien (9-6) from behind to snatch the other hot seat.

Fisher had a flying start in the race to 11 final, creating an absolute advantage by leading 9-3.  However, Han made a lucky ball with her jump in rack 13 and things seemed to have totally turned around all of a sudden. Han went on clearing racks and, before anyone realizes, she was already on the hill leading 10-9 on the scoreboard.  The 20th rack was a crucial one, and Fisher managed to hold her break to make it hill-hill.  In the deciding rack, a few shots were exchanged between the players on the 3 ball, Han made a great attempt but failed, leaving the object ball over the pocket.  Experience counts during such moments, and Fisher sunk the remaining balls one by one, then held her fist tight after sinking the final 9-ball and smiles all the way.

2017 CBSA International 9 Ball Open Liuzhou - Kelly Fisher

2017 “柳州銀行·柳州卡樂星球盃” CBSA柳州9球國際公開賽於柳州市網球中心落下帷幕,張榮麟 13-2 狂勝劉政杰獲得男子冠軍,Kelly Fisher 11-10險勝韓雨摘得女子組桂冠。

下午13時,女子組決賽率先開打,由英國名將Kelly Fisher對陣中國國家隊的韓雨。本次比賽兩人均從勝部直接出線,進入單敗階段後,Fisher首輪9-4大勝周婕妤,次輪9-6戰勝本次比賽表現搶眼的周豆豆,接著在半決賽中9-5力克陳思明進入決賽;而韓雨先是9-5贏得與付小芳的內戰,再9-7力克夏雨瀅,最後9-6逆轉魏子茜,Fisher會師

相對來說,Fisher的狀態要比韓雨穩定一些,這一點也體現在決賽進程上,比賽開局後Fisher很快便建立起了9-3的巨大領先優勢,但韓雨突然發力,一波恐怖的連下7盤,10-9反超並率先奪得賽點,這在輪流衝球的比賽中是十分罕見的。關鍵的第20局比賽,Fisher拿下自己的衝球局將比賽拖入決勝局爭奪。決勝局中,雙方圍繞3號球攻防,最終韓雨在不得已下強攻3號不中,留下袋口簡單球,這也葬送了她的全部努力,Fisher頂住壓力穩穩清台,11-10絕殺韓雨摘得桂冠。值得一提的是,這是Fisher參加CBSA 9球國際公開賽以來七次打入決賽奪得的首個冠軍。

2017 CBSA International 9 Ball Open Liuzhou - Top Finishers

L to R: Han Yu, Kelly Fisher, Gary Deng (Chief Referee), Chang Jung-Lin & Liu Zheng-Jie

2012 was a special year for both of the finalists in the men’s group.  Liu Zheng-Jie crowned world junior champion during that year, while Chang Jung-Lin went to the top of the world ranking list in the same year.   In group stages, Liu came through from the winner’s bracket while Chang was from the consolation. Liu went on to beat tough players such as former CBSA champion Ko Pin-Chung of Taiwan, former world champion Fu JianBo of China, Taiwanese expatriate Lee Kun-Fang, and then seeing off former U.S. Open champion Kevin Cheng (11-5) to reach the final.

Chang, on the other hand, had an even tougher draw against great players including Fu Che-Wai of Taiwan, multiple international champion Yan Ching-Shun, Jeffrey de Luna of the Philippines, and then the most under-estimated player in the tournament AO Hongming.

The all-Taiwanese final was no doubt an one-sided match for Chang as reflected by the score.  It was certainly a one-man show with Liu being nailed to his seat most of the time. Chang held his breath all the way until the very last ball being sunk.  At that moment, Chang could not hold anymore and screamed to his victory, letting everything out of his chest after being second in seven of his previous matches throughout the past two years.

2017 CBSA International 9 Ball Open Liuzhou - CHANG Jung-Lin

男子組決賽由劉政杰張榮麟展開內戰,巧合的是劉政杰是2012年世青賽冠軍,而張榮麟則曾在2012年榮登世界第一寶座。此次比賽,首階段前者從勝部直接晉級,而後者則經受敗部洗禮後進入32強。單敗階段,劉政杰前三輪均遭遇惡戰後方艱難淘汰掉柯秉中傅儉波以及李昆芳等強大對手,半決賽中他迎來爆發,11-5輕取狀態不俗的鄭喻軒殺進決賽。而張榮麟更是歷經艱辛,一路鏖戰,在頑強地連續擠掉傅哲偉楊清順Jeffrey De Luna以及最大黑馬敖宏鳴後才獲得了一個決賽席位。決賽出人意料地成為了張榮麟的個人表演,他連續攻營拔寨,完全將劉政杰釘在了板凳上,最終以13-2的懸殊比分橫掃劉政杰,奪得男子組冠軍。

English: Samuel Lai
Photo: Alison Chang
Chinese: Master