Biljardexperten supports EPBF in 2018 again

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The Sweden-based company Biljardexperten is the biggest supplier for pool equipment in Scandinavia. With shops in Sweden, Finland and Norway, Biljardexperten supplies all products around the billiard table in Northern Europe.

After the success in 2017, Biljardexperten CEO Kurt Roos decided to once again support EPBF and its activities in 2018. „Biljardexperten is very important for us“, EPBF President Gre Leenders mentioned, „since they are an important link to Scandinavia and we want to reach our fans in the far north as well. Many of them are supporting the Euro-Tour for years now and Biljardexperten is the right company to supply them with anything they need for and during the events“, Leenders added.

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