Bilardowa Ekstraklasa in Poland

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Three rounds of Bilardowa Ekstraklasa allowed us to name the favourites and teams, which should improve the game, unless they do not want to stay at the top league.

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DSB tianDE Lublin must be satisfied with the way thay replaced injured Konrad Juszczyszyn during first games of the season. His alternate, Monika Ząbek, made pair with Mieszko Fortuński to play in each first parts of the games. Than the coach used to use Marcel Fortuński and Marek Kudlik to be replaced by pair of Kudlik and Mieszko Fortuński in last part of a game. It turned out to be a perfect solution. DSB won both matches against strong Lipiński Dachy Duet Tomaszów Mazowiecki (with Mariusz Skoneczny) and against bronze medalists of last season – BCB MOSiR Kętrzyn.

But there is anotherone unbeatable team in Ekstraklasa. It is Konsalnet Warszawa, which defeated Nosan Kielce in clash of two best teams in polish billiards’ history. Neither Konsalnet nor Nosan made a break their powerful tool since a begining of the match. Both were very efficient in safety battle. Konsalnet shoe found a way of good breaking. Also Daniel Maciol, (supported by Wojciech Szewczyk) made his best performance in Ekstraklasa.

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Konsalnet Warszawa

Kapłan and Rozawdowski of Nosan had no answear for opponents’ show. Second part brought no changes, beside a names: Śniegocki and Sroczyński for Konsalnet scored another five points. Turkowski and Skowerski for their team – only two. The score had been 10-5 until third part started. Than Kapłan and Skowerski made a grat effort, chasing their opponents. They was able to shrink their loss to just two point. But Śniegocki and Szewczyk was patient. They waited their unlucky period and scored 13th point. Break and run set the score as 14-10.

Playing Bilardowa Ekstraklasa this season you have to attend youngster of Hades Poznań with their leader – unpredictible Wiktor Zieliński. They lost to Nosan, indeed, but two wins over Green Club Gdańsk and HG Solutions Gdynia and the way they playedd in all three matches, make it imaginable, that they will finish the season at the podium.

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Hades Poznan

The venue for Bilardowa Ekstraklasa is one od The biggest market hall Galeria Echo in Poland. Every match is broadcasted by with breathtaking media coverage. The matches are also  by SportKlub national Channel. It is run under The media auspices of TVP 3 Poznań, TVP 3 Kielce, Radia Kielce, Radia EM Kielce,  Radia Fama, Echo Dnia, Nasz Tomaszó, Głos Poznański, W Kętrzynie, CK Sport,,, Nasze Miasto  Each season is watched by houndred to thousands viewers.

In the Bilard League of Polish Billiard Association there are 56 teams. In Ekstraklasa, 9 teams, in the first league 9, and in the second 38 teams. In total, it’s over 300 players.

The rules, teams, full scores you can find below:
FIRST MEETING (19-21 april, 3 rounds) you can find here:

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Nosan Kielce


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Ranking after Stop 1

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