2019 World 9-Ball China Open Draw in Full and Ready To Start

2019 China Open 777x437

The players from around the world have gathered in Shanghai for 2019 World 9-Ball China Open which will be held on Sep. 5th to 8th at Pudong Tangzhen Culture & Sports Center.

After three days competition, the main stage shall commence tomorrow, with the field completed from the qualifiers. 64 men players and 48 women players will be put into groups and apply double elimination format until men’s last 32 and women’s last 16. Until then the game changes from race to 9 for men and 7 for women, to race to 11 for men and race to 9 for women with alternate breaks.

This event is joined by players over 30 countries including the defending champions Ko Pin-Yi and Fu Xiaofang, world’s top 16 of men’s and top 8 of women’s players, along with “The Terminator” Niels Feijen, Albin Ouschan, Five-time US Open 9-Ball Champion Shane VanBoening, Wu Jiaqing, BCA Hall of Fame Ralf Souquet, Japan’s Noyuki Oi, Carlo Biado and World ranked Nr.1 Joshua Filler clashing in men’s division. And Jasmin Ouschan, Allison Fisher, Kelly Fisher, Chen Siming, Rubilen Amit, Chou Chieh-Yu, Chihiro Kawahara in women’s. Many of top players and world champions will compete for a total prize of $373,000, with the men’s event has $208,000 on offer with $40,000 going to the champion, and the women’s tournament offers $165,000 in prize money with $36,000 going to the winner. The competition starts at 1 PM local time (Beijing time) tomorrow.

List of the qualifiers:

Women division
WANG Wan-Ling 王婉菱 (TPE)
WANG Xiaotong 王曉彤 (CHN)
KIM Jeong Hyeon 金晶貞 (KOR)
LIM Yun Mi 林潤美 (KOR)
SU Yi-Yun 蘇憶雲 (TPE)
HUNG Meng-Hsia 洪夢霞 (TPE)
CHEN Chia-Hua 陳佳樺 (TPE)
PAN Lantian 潘藍天 (CHN)
KU Cheng-Chin 古正晴 (TPE)
XIA Yuying 夏雨瀅 (CHN)

Men division
David Alcaide (ESP)
XUE ZhenQi 薛珍麒 (CHN)
Raymund Faraon (PHI)
ZENG Zhaodong 曾紹東 (CHN)
LIN Da-Li 林達理 (TPE)
LIU Cheng-Chieh 劉政杰 (TPE)
Anthony Raga (PHI)
FU Jianbo 傅儉波 (CHN)
CHANG Yu-Lung 張玉龍 (TPE)
YANG Ching-Shun 楊清順 (TPE)

The live stream may be blocked in oversea country… PLEASE TRY!

Live Score 比分直播
Live Stream 視頻直播 ( 3 sources but on same platform )
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Main Event 會內賽簽表 (Men & Women Division)
Schedule & Results 賽程及比賽成績
Brackets 簽表