2017 Guri International 9-Ball Championship set to kick off in Korea

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2017 Guri International 9-Ball Championship is set to kick off tomorrow in Guri city, Korea. This is the first WPA event to be held in Korea. The event is hosted by KBF and it will take place at Guri Sports Complex from October 12th-15th for the main stage.

After three days competition of the qualifying tournament, the all qualifiers from men and women division filled the list of the tournament. The main tournament starts 12th October and the final is 15th. 64 men players and 48 women players will be put into groups and apply double elimination format until men’s last 32 and women’s last 32. Until then the game changes from race to 9 for men and 7 for women, to race to 11 for men and race to 9 for women with alternate breaks.

A total of KRW₩ 191,600,000 prize fund are at stake with KRW₩ 30,000,000 going to the winner alone while the runner-up will receive KRW15,000,000 in both Men and Women division.

For the live stream, live score, brackets…, the all info can be find on official system’s app “Billizone“. You can download the app on the App Store for iOS devices or on the Google Play for Android devices.

There are total of 14 tables for this tournament, all 14 tables are live streamed and can watch via on the app “Billizone“.  However, the TV table is live streaming on YouTube.

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2017 九里國際九球錦標賽將於明天上午在韓國九里市的九里體育館正式拉開序幕。此賽事也是WPA賽事首度在南韓舉辦。男子會內賽共有64名選手,女子48名選手。第一階段雙敗淘汰,男子分為8組、每組8位選手,女子每組6位選手,同樣分為8組,比賽採男子搶9、女子搶7。男、女子組均為勝部與敗部各2個晉級名額,最後32強選手進入到單敗淘汰階段。第2階段單敗淘汰賽,比賽採男子搶11、女子搶9,會內賽全程採輪流衝球制。

直播視頻、比分、簽表及所有相關資訊都可透過手機下載官方合作系統 app “Billizone” 觀看或查詢。蘋果 iOS 系統Android 系統。比賽共有14張球台,所有14張球台直播視頻均可透過app上觀看。另外YouTube頻道也將會有視頻直播2017 Guri International 9-Ball Championship Poster KOR w320

The single elimination of 2017 Guri International 9-Ball Championship will begin at 10 am local time. The format will be played with Race to 11 for Men and Race to 9 for Women with Alternate breaks.


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