Mika Immonen Headlines Group Draws at BottleDeck.net 77th World 14.1

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New York City Mika Immonen will take the #1 seed for the event as he headlines Group 1 of the Bottledeck.net 77th World 14.1. This year four groups of 8 players will play 7 matches each to qualify for the next stage of the event, the double elimination rounds and then finally the single elimination round until the World 14.1 Champion is crowned. Immonen has been in 3 World 14.1 finals in 11 tries, so his vast experience will come into play in achieving a feat no one has managed to do this millenia, win back-to-back.

He will have his hands full as he faces top American 14.1 pro Danny Harriman of Missouri in his group. And then top contenders such as California’s John Schmidt, Darren Appleton of England, and the king of 14.1 Germany’s Thorsten Hohmann, all of which are former World 14.1 winners.  New York’s Tony Robles, Max Eberle of Las Vegas, and Philippines sensation Lee Van Corteza are also big threats with Hall of Famer Danny Barouty and Scotland’s Jonni Fulcher not far behind.

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2017 77th World Tournament of 14.1 - Mika Immonen Headlines Group Draws

Group 1
Mika Immonen FIN
Danny Harriman USA
Del Sim SCO
Pascal Dufresne CAN
Mark Kendall CA
Robert Madenjian CT
Tom Gleich CA
Thomas Walsh OR

Group 2
Thorsten Hohmann GER
Lee Van Corteza PHL
Eddie Kunz NY
Rhys Chen JAM
Tom Karabotsos IL
James Heller NJ
Bob Coates NY
John Schott NY

Group 3
Darren Appleton  ENG
Tony Robles NYC
Olli Turkulainen FIN
Frank Scharbach  GER
Hunter Lombardo FL
Michael Yednak NYC
Gene Ok NY
Ed Culhane NJ

Group 4
John Schmidt  USA
Jonni Fulcher SCO
Max Eberle  NV
Danny Barouty CA
Sean Morgan AK
Holden Chin NY
Noah Vogleman FL
Mark Finklestein NY

The AZBTV livestream for all TV table matches.  Pay-Per-View will be announced and available shortly. Event elite partners include Mr.Tom Gleich, Dr. Gregory Diehl, Mr. Greg Hunt of Amsterdam Billiards, and Mr. Harold Siegel of Excelsior Graphics.
The World Tournament Official Equipment will feature all matches played on Andy Cloth with Aramith Balls. Patron sponsors include Dr. James Heller, Attorney Dennis Walsh, and Bill Maropulos.
Official Medical Firm: TheRevolutionMedical.com
Official Spa: Your Backyard Superstore
Official Eyewear: ScorpioLamonte.com
Official Tennis Sponsor: The FTT Florida Tennis Tour
Orlando City Commissioner Regina Hill: ReElectReginaHill.com
Sanctioned by the World Sports Alumni

77th AndyClothUSA.com World 14.1 on Oct 2-8,2017 at Steinway Cafe-Billiards in NYC.
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