Varner, Mizerak, Eufemia To Be Inducted: Rock & Roll Star Mark Kendall Enters World 14.1

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New York City – The votes are in. This year’s 7th Annual Straight Pool Hall of Fame will induct 3 legends of the game. For Greatest Player Category, Kentucky’s Nick “Cool Hand” Varner and New Jersey’s Steve “The Miz” Mizerak will be inducted as well as NY’s Mike Eufemia in the Unsung Heroes Category. The banquet ceremony will take place on October 4th at Steinway Billiards. Match play will halt right after the round robin matches are done on Day 3 of the 77th World 14.1.

Nick Varner will be personally flying into NYC to accept the prestigious honor while Steve Mizerak’s son will be in attendance to accept on behalf of his father.

“It’s a real honor to be included with all the greats of straight pool. Back in that era, when you won the World 14.1 you were the king of pool for that entire year. I want to thank all the 14.1 fans who are responsible for my election.See you during the World 14.1 Tournament in New York. I’m anxious and excited!” said Varner of his induction.

Additional historic news is World 14.1’s first musical celebrity will enter the competition as rock & roll band Great White’s Grammy nominated lead guitarist Mark Kendall of California will be flying out to play the world’s best in pool’s oldest tournament.

“When Charlie Williams invited me to play I got very excited! I love all the disciplines in the game, especially straight pool! I have a Gold Crown 3 at home and play all I can. I know a lot of the pros from being on the road with my band. Every day off, I was somewhere matched up with someone. I’ve played several players before they became pros with the likes of Scott Frost, Chris Bartram and many others. I used to get handicaps from Jose Parica, CJ Wiley and other great players. John Schmidt has helped me a lot with my game of late. He’s a wonderful instructor and a great player & friend.

I have so much respect for all the pros of today and the past! I know how hard this game is to play at the highest level. I’m looking forward to playing, watching matches and meeting all the players!! I’m sure I will have a blast and I know a lot of Great White fans will be tuning into the stream as well!! Thank you Charlie Williams I’m honored by your invitation!” – Mark Kendall. Visit their fanpage for tour dates at and listen to their new single BIG TIME

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2017 77th World Tournament of 14.1 - Varner, Mizerak, Eufemia To Be Inducted

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