World #2 Jayson Shaw joins the DigiCue Team

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We are proud to announce that Jayson ‘Eagle Eye’ Shaw has joined the DigiCue Team of Pro Players. Jayson is currently the WPA #2 ranked player in the world, one of the hottest players on the world tournament circuit and a threat to win any event he competes in. So why would one of the best players in the world endorse a billiard training aid? Jayson Shaw: “As good as I am playing right now, every now and then my stroke gets a little out of line. We all have bad habits that surface from time to time so when I practice with the DigiCue it immediately alerts me with a vibration when my stroke is not where it needs to be. When most people think of training aids they think they are only for beginners but I really do believe that the DigiCue can benefit any player of any skill level.”

Introduced by OB Cues in November 2016, the DigiCue has been one of the fastest selling products in the billiard industry over the last 10 months. It is a small electronic device that slides onto the back of any pool, snooker or carom cue and will alert you with a subtle vibration when it detects your stroke going off line, jumping up on the shot or poor follow through. With an MSRP of $99.99 and a replaceable battery that is good for 40,000 shots, the DigiCue is a perfect gift and a great compliment to anyone that wants to get serious about their game.

The DigiCue was developed by OB Cues who are headquartered in Plano, Texas and are a leading manufacturer of high performance Pool Cues and Pool Cue Shafts made 100% in the USA since 2005. For more information on the DigiCue, OB Cues, OB shafts or to become an authorized dealer, please visit or like us on Facebook at

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我們很自豪地宣布,Jayson ‘Eagle Eye’ Shaw加入 DigiCue 團隊。Jayson現金世界排名第二,並為近年最火熱球員之一。 而為什麼這位世界頂尖球員贊同撞球訓練輔助器呢? 對此,Jayson 說道: “像我現在打球的時候,每次擊球動作都不太一樣。我們都有不好的習慣,會不經意且不時地被表現出來,所以當我使用 DigiCue 練習時,它會立刻地振動來提醒我,當我的擊球動作不正確時。而大多數的人們想到輔助訓練器時,他們認為那僅適用於初學者,但我相信DigiCue適用於所有技術水平的選手。

DigiCue於去年10月推出,並已成為過去10月撞球界中銷量最快的產品之一。讓我們一起來了解 Digicue… 在定制的橡膠帽內放入一個小巧的電子撞球教練,把它套在任何美式/英式或者開倫球桿的底部。輕鬆的將它套入到球桿的底部,按下電源鍵後,你就可以開始你的撞球訓練。

Digicue會持續地監控你的每次擊球,你在擊球時出現紮桿/身體不穩/提前收桿的情況時,會立即以震動的方式給你反饋。Digicue 將會在每次擊球的時候迫使你穩定自己的動作。它將會在你出桿擊球時培養你保持頭部及身體的穩定,會讓你的擊球技巧不斷的提升。