Team Scotland: World Cup Opponents Will Be Running Scared – 蘇格蘭隊發豪語 目標直指冠軍

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With the World Cup of Pool set for a return to the storied York Hall, London this June 13-18 the Scottish pair of Jayson Shaw and Pat Holtz have promised to leave anyone who stands in their way of the trophy looking like ‘frozen rabbits in the headlights’.

Scotland return to the event for first time since 2013, when Shaw & Holtz suffered a first-round defeat to eventual finalists Holland. However, since then Shaw has gone on to claim a number of major titles in the sport including the Kuwait Open, Turning Stone Classic and the Challenge of Champions among many others. A remarkable 2016 ended in him playing a major part of Team Europe’s 11-3 trouncing of America on his Mosconi Cup debut in London.

Shaw is unquestionably the No.1 player in the world,” said Holtz. “He has been so consistent over the last 18 months in all competitions, taking many major titles and the Mosconi Cup. His fearless game and knowledge scares opponents and you can see it in their eyes and demeanour at the table, they are like frozen rabbits in the headlights!

“Once we get going there will be no stopping us. Teams won’t want to draw us at any stage. We have the ability and fearless factor to go all the way in this. Nothing will phase us.”

Shaw added: “This is my second time playing in the World Cup of Pool. I’m looking forward to playing again as it’s such a great event with fantastic field.

“Myself and Pat have known each other for over 15 years so we know each other’s game really well. We’re going there to win.”

Holtz concluded: “Me and Jayson grew up together playing pool and know each other’s game very well. We have every confidence in each other and play at the same rhythm around the table which is an important chemistry to have. We are both very excited to get going in this event and look to be the first ever Scottish champions to take the World Cup of Pool title.”

隨著雙打世界盃於6月12-18日再次回歸到歷史悠久的倫敦York Hall登場。由Jayson Shaw 與 Pat Holtz所代表的蘇格蘭隊豪語,誓言剷除所有阻礙,目標直指冠軍。

Shaw與Holtz在2013年首輪敗給荷蘭隊之後, 今年將是蘇格蘭再次重返參賽。從那時開始,Shaw已奪得許多主要賽事的冠軍頭銜,其中包括如科威特公開賽、Turning Stone經典賽、冠軍挑戰賽等在內的賽事。2016年無疑是近兩年無疑是Shaw大爆發的時期。其中在2016年首次參與莫思考尼盃,其亮眼的表現,更幫助歐洲隊以11-3痛擊美國隊再次奪冠。

Holtz說道: “毫無疑問的Shaw是世界第一的球員,他在過去18個月內所有比賽中的表現相當亮眼及穩定,獲得了莫思考尼盃及許多主要賽事的冠軍。他的無懼與在球桌上那鷹眼般犀利的眼神和他的球風,都不禁讓他的對手感到恐懼。沒有任何一支球隊在任何階段會希望與我們對上,我們不僅有實力更是無所畏懼,沒有任何事情能讓我們失望。我們將朝向冠軍而去!”

Shaw補充說道: “這是我第二次參加雙打世界盃,而我和Pat認識超過15年,我們互相都非常了解對方。非常期待它的到來! ”

“我和Jayson一塊打球長大,對彼此都非常了解並有信心。相信我們在球桌上相同的節奏,能發揮出重要的化學作用。我們非常高興能夠參加這次比賽,並期待成為第一個獲得雙打世界盃的蘇格蘭冠軍。” Holtz最後總結說道。


Tickets are on sale now at priced at just £10.00 per evening session (Tuesday to Sunday) and £8.00 per weekend afternoon session. Tuesday to Friday afternoons are free. A season ticket covering all sessions is priced at £60.00.

2017 WORLD CUP OF POOL is sponsored by Rasson Billiards who supplies the Official Table; the cloth is supplied by Iwan Simonis and the Official Balls are Super Aramith by Saluc. Predator is the Official Cue and Chalk of the event.

Luke Riches, Matchroom Sport: 

Notes: MATCHROOM SPORT is one of the world’s leading producers of televised sport and is responsible for over 1,000 hours of original programming across a range of sports. Based in the UK and chaired by charismatic founder Barry Hearn, they operate three pool events; the Mosconi Cup, the World Cup of Pool and the World Pool Masters. In addition, the company produce a multitude of events in darts, snooker, tenpin, golf, fishing, ping pong, gymnastics, netball, basketball and boxing.