Van Boening Endorses USA Pool League

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CueSports International, Henderson, NV – CueSports International (CSI) is excited to announce Shane Van Boening as the USA Pool League (USAPL) Player Representative.

For years, Van Boening, of South Dakota, has been the undisputed top American player, having earned five US Open 9-Ball titles, two US Open 10-Ball titles, two US Open 8-Ball titles, and a US Open One Pocket title, in addition to three World Pool Masters titles and many more.

Before becoming a U.S. champion, Van Boening, like millions of other pool enthusiasts around the world, played in pool leagues. He earned many national league titles before becoming a professional pool player.

“Pool leagues were a large part of my family’s life when I was growing up,” Van Boening said.

CueSports International founded the USAPL in 2009 to solve the inherent problems found in other leagues. It was created specifically to be “Fair and Fun for Everyone.” In the USAPL, everyone, no matter what skill level, has an equal chance of winning.  The USAPL is the first league organization to use FargoRate, the most accurate and only global pool player-rating system. All league data flows into FargoRate and player ratings are recalculated daily.

“The USA Pool League is the best way for beginner and average players to have fun and fall in love with the game,” said Van Boening. “And that is good for our entire industry.”

Van Boening is not only one of the most recognized players in the sport, he is also among the most respected. He is known not only for his great skill at the table, but also for his positive attitude, work ethic and sportsmanship.  Those qualities make him an extraordinary and inspirational ambassador for USAPL.

“Shane understands the importance of amateur players and organized league play. He is a true professional and will be a great ambassador for the USA Pool League,” said Ozzy Reynolds, CSI general manager.

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CSI is dedicated to creating more choices for all players. CSI is the parent company of the BCA Pool League and the USA Pool League. CSI also produces independent events like the US Bar Table Championships, US Open 10-Ball Championship, US Open 8-Ball Championship, and much more. For more information, visit or call CSI at 702-719-POOL.

2017 CSI - Van Boening Endorses USA Pool League

來自南達科他州的Shane Van Boening在過去這些年中成為了美國不折不扣的頂級球員,他一共斬獲了包括5次美國9球公開賽、2次美國8球和10球公開賽、1次美國指定袋賽以及3次世界花式撞球大師賽在內的眾多冠軍。

在成為美國全國冠軍之前,Van Boening像世界上其他撞球愛好者一樣參加國內的業餘聯賽。在這個過程中,他拿到了許多次冠軍,心懷感激的Van Boening說道: “聯賽是我成長過程中非常重大的一個組成部分。”

為了解決其他聯賽的一些固有問題,CSI 於2009年創辦了美國撞球聯賽 (USAPL),其宗旨為 “公平對待每個球員並讓他們感到快樂。” 在這個聯賽中,不管球員水平如何,都有機會贏球。同時,美國撞球聯賽也是第一個使用法戈評分系統 (FargoRate) 的賽事,該系統非常準確而且也是唯一一種可以對全世界的球員進行評分的系統,所有比賽的數據都會進入該系統,從而實現球員評分的實時更新。

對此,Van Boening表示:“美國撞球聯賽是最適合新手們的地方,每個人都能從中收獲快樂,也能因此愛上這項運動,而這也是對整個撞球行業有利的。”

Van Boening不僅是撞球運動中最被認可的球員之一, 也是最受尊敬的選手。除了高超的球技,他同樣以積極的態度、高尚的職業道德和體育精神而聞名,這些特質使他成為了美國撞球聯賽 (USAPL) 鼓舞人心的大使。

Cuesports International (CSI) 總經理Ozzy Reynolds說道: “Van Boening 清楚的知道業餘選手舉辦聯賽的重要性,他是一名真正的職業球員,也一定會成為很好的美國撞球聯賽形象大使。”