Pehlivanovic triumphs at Zagreb Open 2017 – Pehlivanovic 斬獲札格瑞布公開賽冠軍

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With a convincing performance, Sanjin Pehlivanovic (BIH) took down Ioan Ladanyi (ROM) in the final match of the 2017 edition of the Zagreb Open with 8:5.

Several big names were in attendance in Zagreb this year. Probably the longest journey was undertaken by Earl Strickland (USA) who flew in for this event especially from the USA. But also current World Champion Albin Ouschan (AUT) alongside with fellow countryman Mario He (AUT) as well as senior European Champion Sandor Tot (HUN) were in Zagreb for a shot at the title. Mario He was entering the event as the defending Champion from last year. The rest of the total of 142 players were mainly from Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia & Hercegovina, Romania, Switzerland, Hungary and Slovenia.

The Zagreb Open have been held for the 5th consecutive time this year. Each year, the game played there changes between 9-ball and 10-ball. This year it was 10-ball time. The tournament is held and organised by Billiard Club 8-Ball Sesvete.

Pehlivanovic seemed to be on a roll. In the round of the last 16 players, he bested Zoran Svilar (SRB) 8:6. The next round, the young Bosnian encountered the defining Champion Mario He from Austria. That match turned out to be a fiercely fought over encounter with Pehlivanovic standing tall with 8:5 in the end, finishing Mario He who had to settle for 5th place this year. In the semi-final, Pehlivanovic met Roberto Bartol (CRO) who is  currently 4-times Croatian Champion. However, the Croatian’s break did not work for him in the semis and Pehlivanovic turned the match into a start-to-finish victory without any doubts at 8:2. That brought Pehlivanovic in the final match of the 2017 Zagreb Open.

His opponent there was Ioan Landanyi from Romania. Ladanyi had also some remarkable names on the list of the players who he had eliminated. In the round of the last 8 players, Ladanyi encountered Earl Strickland who was definitely the favourite player in that match. But Ladanyi seemed not to be too impressed at all, wiping the floor with the American and eliminating him clearly with 8:4 from the event. In the semi-final match, Ladanyi was up against World 9-Ball Champion Albin Ouschan. The match started well for Ladanyi. He managed to get a 4:0 and 5:1 lead over Ouschan. But the World Champion did not want to leave the event year. Being last year’s runner-up, Ouschan struck back and won several racks which turned the match into a hill-hill battle at 7:7. There, Ladanyi had the break shot since he won the lag in the beginning of the match. He found himself with a difficult layout in front of him but he rose to the occasion and cleared the tables, winning the rack and the match with 8:7 over Ouschan.

The final match once more was a clear affair in favour of Pehlivanovic. Although both players had tough opponents to clear in order to make it to the final match, Pehlivanovic appeared to be a bit more fresh and energetic and finally took down Ladanyi with 8:5 to gain the title and win the 2017 Zagreb Open.

Sanjin Pehlivanovic triumphs at Zagreb Open 2017

Sanjin Pehlivanovic – © by Billiard Club 8-ball Sesvete

波士尼亞與赫塞哥維納年輕小將Sanjin Pehlivanovic憑藉著優異的表現,在克羅埃西亞所舉辦的Zagreb Open (札格瑞布公開賽) 決賽中以8-5擊敗羅馬尼亞的Ioan Ladanyi奪冠。

今年是札格瑞布公開賽連續第五年舉辦,比賽是由Billiard Club 8-Ball Sesvete所組織策畫。而比賽項目則每年在9號球與10號球之間變動,今年輪到10號球。

在參賽選手方面,今年有幾位明星球員也造訪了克羅埃西亞的札格瑞布,如現任世界冠軍‧奧地利名將Albin Ouschan與他的同胞隊友Mario He、元老組歐洲冠軍‧匈牙利的Sandor Tot以及特地從美國前往的Earl Strickland。而奧地利好手Mario He則以衛冕冠軍身分再度參賽。在所有參賽選手當中,其中的142名主要來自克羅埃西亞、塞爾維亞、波士尼亞與赫塞哥維納、羅馬尼亞、瑞士、匈牙利及斯洛維尼亞。

Pehlivanovic在16強以8-6擊敗塞爾維亞的Zoran Svilar。接著再下一輪遭遇到了奧地利好手Mario HeMario出人意料的陷入一場苦戰,最終Pehlivanovic就以8-5挑落衛冕冠軍,Mario今年則以第五名坐收。

Pehlivanovic接著在半決賽碰上了現任四次克羅埃西亞冠軍Roberto BartolBartol整場比賽衝球的發揮相當不理想,Pehlivanovic把握每次的機會再加上穩定的發揮,終場8-2輕取了對手,晉級決賽。

Pehlivanovic對手是來自羅馬尼亞的Ioan LandanyiLandanyi讓人印象深刻的是他在八強及四強賽分別淘汰了Earl StricklandAlbin Ouschan。其中在與Ouschan的比賽中,Landanyi開賽後取得了5-1的領先,然而去年取得亞軍的Ouschan還未打算放棄比賽。Ouschan開始急起直追,並將比賽帶到7-7搶尾局。對Ouschan來說不幸的是最後一局輪到了Landanyi的衝球,雖然開局的局面並不理想,但Landanyi順利解決了難題並清光台面,終場就以8-7力克Ouschan



Top 8 Finishers 八強:
1. Sanjin Pehlivanovic (BIH 波士尼亞與赫塞哥維納) / Mezz
2. Ioan Ladanyi (ROM 羅馬尼亞)
Roberto Bartol (CRO 克羅埃西亞) / Mezz
Albin Ouschan (AUT 奧地利) / Predator
Mario He (AUT 奧地利) / Mezz
Sandor Tot (HUN 匈牙利)
Mitja Gradisnik (SLO 斯洛維尼亞)
Earl Strickland (USA 美國)