2017 Mosconi Cup – First US Events Announced for MC Qualification

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First events announced for MC qualification

MATCHROOM SPORT can announce the initial three events on the Official Mosconi Cup Team USA Ranking for 2017.

They are:

January 5/8 – Turning Stone Classic – Verona, New York

January 14/17 – World Pool Series – Astoria, New York

January 20/28 – Derby City Classic 9 Ball – Elizabeth, Indiana

The full list as well as the points allocation will be published in due course. The 2017 Mosconi Cup will take place at the Tropicana Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas from 4th to 7th December.

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Tropicana Hotel and Casino 熱帶賭場渡假村酒店

Matchroom 官方公布了季初在本月登場的Turning Stone 經典賽、World Pool Series及德比城9號球經典賽 (Derby City Classic 9 Ball) 將為2017年賽季莫斯考尼盃美國隊積分排名賽。2017年莫斯考尼盃將於12月4-7日在美國拉斯維加斯的熱帶賭場渡假村酒店 (Tropicana Hotel and Casino) 進行。相關完成賽事名單及積分分配將於適當時候公布。