2017 Women 9-ball World Championship set for Chengmai showdown

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2017 “Hainan Chengmai·CITIC Guoa Cup” Women 9-Ball World Championship will take place at the County Gymnasiums in Chengmai County, Hainan from November 8th until 11th. The city, Chengmai is known for “hometown of longevity”. A beautiful city encounters with a beautiful event. For the second time zhongxin guoan title sponsored this event. The event is organized by the Guoao Group which has been host this event since 2013, this is the 5th straight year to host this most important event of a year.

General Manager of the assist organizor Beijing Guoao JinGuan Sports Culture Development Co. Ltd , CHEN says “we are going to be an all-round event backer. The opening ceremony will be a beach party and create whole new experience way beyond campare.

The main tournament begins November 8th and the final is the 11th. 64 players will be put into groups and apply double elimination format until last 32. Until then the game changes from race to 9 with alternate breaks. The event is joined by players over 23 countries , including the world’s Top 15 women’s players. They will compete for a total prize of $175,000 USD, and $43,000 USD going to the eventual champion.

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2017 “海南澄邁·中信國安盃” 世界女子9號球錦標賽於11月5日到11日在海南澄邁縣舉辦。澄邁有 “世界長壽之鄉” 之稱,並曾被譽為中國最美棲居地,女子9球世錦賽則被稱為最美的體育賽事,可說是一場最美的邂逅。而這也是中信國安第二次冠名贊助女子9球世錦賽。

協辦賽事的北京國奧金冠體育文化發展有限公司總經理陳昊說道: “將做好萬全的準備,迎接賽事的到來,做好最堅實的後盾。本次9球世錦賽的開幕式,也是我們著力打造的獨具海南澄邁特色的賣點之一。開幕式將會是一場具有濃郁沙灘風情的派對。打造一場別出心裁的海南澄邁獨有的歡樂盛宴,體現女子9球世錦賽不同於其他體育賽事的別樣風情。”


獎金 Prize Money (Before Tax)
Rank 名次 USD
Champion $43,000
Runner-up $21,000
3rd-4th $11,000
5th – 8th $6,000
9th – 16th $3,000
17th – 32th $1,500
33th – 48th $800

Qualifiers 會外賽晉級選手:
DAY 1:
ZHENG Xiaochun 鄭曉春 (CHN)、LIU XiaZhi 劉夏芝 (CHN)
DAY 2:
WANG Xiaotong 王曉彤 (CHN)、Szu-Ting KUO 郭思廷 (TPE)、ZHANG Xiaotong 張曉彤 (CHN)、CHEN Relin 陳若琳 (CHN)
DAY 3: FAN YANG 楊帆、FAN LangTong 樊朗彤、SUN DanHong 孫丹虹、ZHANG MuYan 張沐研

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