Wessel and Tot reach out for 10-ball Gold – Wessel、Tot分獲元老組歐錦賽10球金牌

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Susanne Wessel (GER) and Sandor Tot (HUN) have just won the Gold Medals in the 10-ball individuals at the Dynamic Billard European Championships for Seniors and Ladies in Tirana, Albania.

Sandor Tot stormed off like a hurricane in the senior’s final. He took a quick 3:0 lead over Azar, being like at times. When he fell out of position, he came up with good safeties and he did not allow Azar to get in his game at all. So the Swedish had to somehow force himself into the match. He achieved that in the 4th rack which he broke and ran at high speed. Tot gave him the right answer and did the same in the next rack, pocketing a difficult 10-ball to make the score 4:1. Rack six saw Azar making two misses in a row but coming out lucky since he never left a shot for Tot. The Hungarian attempted a safety shot and completely missed the 1-ball. So Azar got to the table with ball in hand.

To everyone’s surprise, Azar already missed the second shot again. He seemed to be completely demoralized. But also Tot showed nerves. He snookered himself on the 5-ball. So he tried to leave a tough shot for his opponent but Sanne Azar made that shot and stole that rack back from Tot. After that rack, Azar took a time-out and tried to compose himself and let Tot stew in the arena, thinking about his mistake. But it did not work as Azar had hoped. Tot snatched the next rack and made the score 5:2. Only two more racks to reach out for glory for Tot. But Azar took the next rack and at 5:3, Tot came up dry with his break shot. However, Azar could not benefit form it. Obviously he was struggling with the pace that Tot put to the match. Tot got on the hill with 6:3. In the 10th rack, Tot as well as Azar missed shots but Tot was the luckier player. He got the knuckles of the pockets when he needed them and finally snatched the rack and the match from Azar, winning the title with 7:3.

2016年歐洲錦標賽 元老組 10球項目角逐全部結束,德國球員Susanne Wessel和匈牙利老將Sandor Tot分獲女子和男子組金牌。

男子組比賽中,Tot於半決賽中複仇此前14-1決賽擊敗自己的Kristiansen,闖入決賽,決賽中他面對的是Sanne Azar,開賽後托特表現得猶如一場颶風,很快便取得了3-0的領先。Azar竭盡全力想要進入比賽狀態,艱難扳回一局。但是在第五局,Tot打進難度頗高的10號球,再次將比分差距擴大到3局。第六局比賽,Azar開局失誤便兩次,Tot利用1號球吊球犯規,Azar獲得手中球,令人驚訝的是他再度錯失良機。Tot同樣在壓力下發生失誤,在5號球上給自己形成了吊球,Azar趁機再贏一局,將比分追為2-4.此時,Azar請求暫停以期調整狀態,但並不奏效。暫停回來後,Azar僅得一局,最終以3-7的比分敗北,Tot如願獲得金牌。

Semi-final results 四強賽果:

Sandor Tot (HUN) v Vegar Kristiansen (NOR) 7:4

Sanne Azar (SWE) v Jimmy Worung (NED) 7:4

Top Eight 10-ball Seniors:
1. Sandor Tot HUN 匈牙利
2. Sanne Azar SWE 瑞典
3. Vegar Kristiansen NOR 挪威
  Jimmy Worung NED 荷蘭
5. Frank Forster GER 德國
  Manuel Pereira POR 葡萄牙
  Fabio Petroni ITA 義大利
  Jesper Schmidt DEN 丹麥
2016 EC Senior - Wessel and Tot reach out for 10-ball Gold

Sandor Tot and Susanne Wessel

The final match in the ladies division was a one-person-show by German Susanne Wessel. She simply overran Cristina Moscetti (ITA) 5:1. Moscetti never had a real chance and was only able to open her account when Wessel was already on the hill. Being 0:4 down in a final race to 5, it is almost impossible to come back. Wessel allowed Moscetti to prevent the whitewash from happening and gave her one rack before she closed the book on the final match and won the Gold Medal 5:1.

女子組決賽由德國的Susanne Wessel迎戰Cristina Moscetti,比賽成了Wessel的個人表演,她沒有給對手真正意義上的任何一個機會,很快便以5-1的大比分橫掃對手,斬獲金牌。

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Semi-final results 四強賽果:

Cristina Moscetti (ITA) v Karin Michl (GER) 5:4

Susanne Wessel (GER) v Ulrika Andersson (SWE) 5:3

Top Six 10-ball Ladies:
1. Susanne Wessel GER 德國
2. Cristina Moscetti ITA 義大利
3. Ulrika Andersson SWE 瑞典
  Karin Michl GER 德國
5. Barbara Bolfelli ITA 義大利
  Monika Jarecki GER 德國


Medal table after 2 of 5 events 總獎牌數 (第二項賽事結束後)

2016 EC Senior - Medal table after 2 of 5 events

The Dynamic Billard European Championships for Seniors and Ladies will continue tomorrow morning at 09:00 CET with matches of the 8-ball individuals seniors winner’s qualification round.

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