RASSON announced as new Matchroom Pool table supplier – 銳勝成賽事官方指定球桌

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MATCHROOM SPORT is delighted to announce that RASSON BILLIARDS will be the Official Table Supplier at all Matchroom pool events over the next three years.

The company, based in Jiujiang City in south western China, have made large in roads into the billiard world since setting up 26 years ago. Originally, they were a slate producing country, something that they still specialize in.

Rasson will be bringing their top-of-the-range Victory table to the Mosconi Cup, World Cup of Pool and World Pool Masters.

With the Mosconi Cup set for Alexandra Palace, London this December and details of the World Cup of Pool and World Pool Masters 23rd and 11th editions to be announced in due course, Rasson’s tables will be seen on pool’s global stage over the next three years.

Rasson general manager, Junny Song said, “We’re thrilled to work with Matchroom. Matchroom Sport is a world leader in pool productions and does an excellent job on holding all three pool events.

“We also feel much honored for so many great players from all over the world would play on Rasson table. All Rasson commercial tables are equipped with our own designed and patented levelling system and pockets that are the easiest to assemble in the market.

“As the biggest pool table manufacturer and exporter in the world, we believe this would be win-win cooperation for both Matchroom and Rasson. We wish every player would enjoy the play on our table!”

Commented Matchroom Sport Chairman, Barry Hearn, “We are delighted to have Rasson on board as our table supplier and look forward to showcasing their magnificent Victory table in the finest pool events in the world.

“The Mosconi Cup, World Pool Masters and World Cup of Pool will give Rasson unprecedented exposure to a TV audience across the world and we’re very excited to be working with them over the coming years.”

Luke Riches, Matchroom Sport: luke.riches@matchroom.com 

Notes: MATCHROOM SPORT is one of the world’s leading producers of televised sport and is responsible for over 1,000 hours of original programming across a range of sports. Based in the UK and chaired by charismatic founder Barry Hearn, they operate three pool events; the Mosconi Cup, the World Cup of Pool and the World Pool Masters. In addition, the company produce a multitude of events in darts, snooker, tenpin, golf, fishing, ping pong, poker and boxing.

Notes: RASSON BILLIARDS are the first and only producer of both billiard table and slate in global.With the establishment in 1990, RASSON provided billiard slate OEM for billiard companies all over the world and now take near 60% of billiard slate market in North America. Rasson then expanded business into billiard table manufacturing and provided OEM&ODM for numerous top billiard brands in North America. Nowadays Rasson have been the biggest slate pool table manufacturer and exporter in the world.

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著名撞球賽事推廣公司 Matchroom Sport 日前宣布 RASSON 銳勝將成為未來三年Matchroom賽事的官方指定球桌。RASSON 銳勝位在江西省九江市,26年來 從初期的代工生產石板起家,到其後創立自主品牌RASSON,將產品觸角延伸至球台及相關撞球用品,石板生產現今然是該公司的部分業務。

而 RASSON 銳勝也將以其著名的頂級”Victory 勝利球台”作為賽事的指定球桌。隨著 World Cup of Pool 世界盃雙打賽,World Pool Masters 世界花式撞球大師賽及Mosconi Cup莫斯考尼盃 這三大賽事的到來,RASSON 銳勝球台將於未來三年出現於世界舞台當中。

Rasson總經理Junny Song說道: “我們非常興奮與Matchroom的合作。他們為撞球賽事推廣的全球領導者,三項主要賽事都舉辦得非常出色。我們非常榮幸來自全球世界各地的好手們使用Rasson球台。而作為全球最大撞球球台製造商及出口商,我們相信這對於雙方會是個雙贏的合作。”

主席Barry Hearn說道: “我們很高興迎來Rasson的加入,期待著Victory球桌展現在世界最棒撞球賽事的舞台上。而莫斯考尼盃、世界花式撞球大師賽及世界盃雙打賽也將帶給Rasson前所未有地在全球各地電視觀眾前曝光,非常高興能夠在未來幾年內與他們合作。”