Souquet over Cohen in 8-ball – 歐錦賽8號球: Souquet 力克 Cohen

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In the men’s 8-ball competition at the Dynamic Billard European Championships in St. Johann i.Pg., Austria, Ralf Souquet (GER) defeated Stephan Cohen (FRA) with 8:5.

It was a duel of two grand masters. Both players are around in the pool circuit for quite some time now and they know each other ver well. Cohen came to the winner’s qualification round by winning 8:7 only over Petr Urban (CZE). Ralf Souquet had the same result in his favor against Marsel Safiullin (RUS). So both players had a hill-hill thriller stuck in their bones from the previous round. They played very carefully and slow in order to not make any mistake that the opponent might have benefitted from. After eight racks, the score was tied at 4:4. So far, none of the two players was able to gain an advantage of more than one rack over the other. But then, Souquet managed to get a 6:4 lead over Cohen. That was exactly what he needed. Cohen could not even that mistake out anymore and being 7:5 up, Souquet won another rack and ended the match in his favor with 8:5. Cohen will play the loser’s qualification round against the winner of Onuc Altur and Osman Sanlisoy (both TNC). Other interesting results in the men’s 8-ball competition today include defending Champion Niels Feijen (NED) winning 8:3 against his teammate Marc Bijsterbosch (NED). A surprise happened in the match between Sergiu Voicu (ROM) and Sebastian Ludwig (GER). Voicu took the match with 8:7 from the German. Also not expected was Christian Sparrenloev-Fischer’s (SWE) victory with 8:5 over Juan Carlos Exposito (ESP). Petri Makkonen (FIN) defeated Mario He (AUT) 8:6 in the same round.

2016 歐錦賽8號球項目爭奪全面展開。在男子組一場焦點戰中,德國名將Ralf Souquet 8-5 力克法國頭號球星Stephan Cohen。而女子組首輪比賽中,已經在本屆比賽中斬獲14-1和10球兩枚金牌的奧地利名將Jasmin Ouschan,3-6不敵西班牙的Amalia Matas,爆冷跌入敗部。

男子組一場勝部較量中,德國名將 Souquet 與法國第一人Cohen兩人上演龍爭虎鬥。由於二人彼此知根知底,所以比賽時雙方均十分謹慎,8局戰罷,兩人4-4平分秋色。第9局比賽開始,Souquet 突然發力,連勝兩局將比分改寫為6-4。盡管此後 Cohen 頑強將比分迫近為5-7,但 Souquet 並沒有給 Cohen 更多機會,穩穩拿下第13局後以8-5的比分拿下最後的勝利。

2016 Austria EC - Souquet over Cohen in 8-ball

In the women’s 8-ball competition, a huge surprised occurred when Jasmin Ouschan (AUT) lost her opening match against Amalia Matas (ESP) with 3:6. The two-time Gold Medallist from this week now needs to take the longest way possible if she wants to conquer this title as well. Defending Champion in 8-ball is Caroline Roos (SWE). She will play her first match tomorrow morning at 09:00 CET against Melanie Suessenguth (GER). More remarkable results from today include Ana Gradisnik (SLO) winning 6:4 over Katarzyna Wesolowska (POL). Sandra Baumgartner (AUT) defeated Christine Feldmann (SUI) by a whisker with 6:5. Kamila Khodjaeva (BEL) handed a doughnut to Johanna Vartianen (FIN) and crushed her 6:0.

In the wheelchair division, only three matches were played today. Jouni Tahti (FIN) defeated David Himpe (BEL) clearly with 5:1. Daniel Lee (GBR) got the better of Kim-Ronny Nygaard (NOR) with 5:4 and Danijel Savic (AUT) won 5:3 over David Slacek (SLO).

女子組方面,已經斬獲兩枚金牌的 Jasmin Ouschan 在8號球項目首秀時3-6意外輸給西班牙的Amalia Matas,跌入敗部,這也使得 Ouschan 若想染指此項目金牌勢必將會面臨更多挑戰。其他比賽方面,斯洛維尼亞的Ana Gradisnik (SLO) 6:4 將 Katarzyna Wesolowska 送進敗部。地主選手 Sandra Baumgartner 驚險地以 6:5 打敗 瑞士的 Christine Feldmann 。另外一場頗受關註的比賽中,比利時 Kamila Khodjaeva 狀態驚人,6:0橫掃芬蘭的 Johanna Vartianen。而衛冕冠軍 Caroline Roos 的首場比賽則將於當地時間今天早上9點打響。

輪椅組方面,僅進行3場比賽。在昨日成功衛冕10球項目桂冠的芬蘭好手 Jouni Tahti 延續了良好的狀態,5-1 輕取對手,順利晉級勝部。英國 Daniel Lee 5:4 力克挪威的 Kim-Ronny Nygaard。最後地主奧地利的 Danijel Savic 5:3 擊敗斯洛維尼亞選手 David Slacek (SLO).



The quarter-finals in the men’s team came up with the following results 男子團體八強賽果:

Sweden 瑞典 vs Slovakia 斯洛伐克 2:0

Germany 德國 vs Portugal 葡萄牙 2:0

Spain 西班牙 vs Finland 芬蘭 2:1

Russia 俄羅斯 vs Austria 奧地利 2:1

The loser’s qualification matches in the women’s teams ended as follows 女子團體敗部賽果:

Germany 德國 vs Belgium 比利時 2:1

Poland 波蘭 vs Austria 奧地利 2:1


The Dynamic Billard European Championships will continue tomorrow morning at 09:00 local time with matches in the 8-ball individuals. The teams semifinals will commence at 18:00 with the finals to follow straight after.

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