Team Russia and Poland win Gold

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The team competition has come to an end at the Dynamic Billard European Championships for Men, Women and Wheelchair Athletes.

2015 EC - Team Russia and Poland win Gold

In the men’s team, Poland with Karol SkowerskiTomasz KaplanMariusz Skoneczny and Mieszko Fortunski won the Gold Medal over team The Netherlands. The final match was a tough fight.

The Netherlands took an early lead with Nick van den Berg winning the 9-ball 9:3 over Mariusz Skoneczny. Then, Tomasz Kaplan leveled the match in defeating Ivo Aarts with 8:4 in 8-ball. The 10-ball match between Karol Skowerski and Niels Feijen was close, but Skowerski had always a small lead. At 7:5 for SkowerskiFeijen tried to bank the 1-ball in. He pocketed the 1-ball but hit it too straight. The cue ball scratched. Then, Skowerski took the chance and ran out with ball in hand, winning the 10-ball with 8:5 and the team match with 2:1.

歐錦賽國家團隊競賽在昨晚落下帷幕。由Karol SkowerskiTomasz KaplanMariusz Skoneczny 及 Mieszko Fortunski 所組成的波蘭隊在決賽擊敗荷蘭隊,順利奪下國家團隊賽冠軍。

荷蘭隊的Nick van den Berg在9號球項目上,先以9:3打敗Mariusz Skoneczny,讓荷蘭隊取得1:0領先。隨後波蘭隊的Tomasz Kaplan在8號球則以8:4擊退Ivo Aarts,雙方1:1平手。在最後的10號球項目上,由Karol Skowerski對上Niels Feijen整場比賽Skowerski都能取得些微的領先。當比數來到7:5 Skowerski取得領先時,此時Feijen嘗試1號球灌袋,但母球路線太直,最後母球洗袋,這也讓Skowerski 把握住機會並清光檯面,以8:5獲勝,波蘭隊就以2:1擊敗荷蘭隊奪冠。

Team Men 國家團體男子組

  1. Poland 波蘭
  2. The Netherlands 荷蘭
  3. Austria 奧地利 、 Germany 德國


In the women’s team, the Russian women with Kristina TkachDaria Sirotina and Ana Mazhirina were the Gold Medal lists. The final match with Norway was pretty close.

While Mazhirina could win her 8-ball over Line Kjoersvik relatively easy with 6:3, Martine Christiansen was leading in 9-ball over Tkach throughout the match. Christiansen had even a 5:1 lead over Tkach in a race to 7. ButTkach showed strength while Christiansen showed nerves. At 6:6, Christiansen was at the table with two more balls to go. She dramatically missed the 8-ball and the chance to go into the shootout with the Russians. Tkach ran out and won the team match with 2:0.

女子組方面,由Kristina TkachDaria SirotinaAna Mazhirina所組成的俄羅斯隊,碰上Line KjoersvikMartine Christiansen代表的挪威段。Mazhirina在8號球以6:3擊敗Line Kjoersvik ,俄羅斯取得1:0領先。而在另一個9號球項目上,在搶7的比賽中,Martine Christiansen整場比賽幾乎都取得在領先的位置,甚至一度來到5:1的領先,但Tkach展現了她強勁的韌性,比數來到6:6搶尾局時,Christiansen在場上只剩最後兩顆球,但卻在8號球上發生了失誤,這也把機會拱手讓給了對手,Tkach清檯並拿下比賽,俄羅斯隊2:0獲勝,奪下金牌。

Team Women 國家團體女子組

  1. Russia 俄羅斯
  2. Norway 挪威
  3. Austria 奧地利 、 Switzerland 瑞士


Earlier today in the 8-ball individuals, several interesting as well as unexpected results occurred. In the women’s division, Jasmin Ouschan (AUT) had a tough match with Tamara Peeters-Rademakers(NED) on the loser’s side. Ouschan lost to Kristina Tkach (RUS) yesterday. Against Peeters-Rademakers, the score was 4:4 after 8 racks. The Dutch player broke and scratched very unfortunate on the break shot. What she did not know at that time, was that it was her last visit for the match. Ouschan broke and ran for a 5:4 lead. Then, she had her own break shot coming up which she perfectly used and scored another point for her account. That victory brought her the 6:4 final match result against Peeters-Rademakers.

Defending Champion in the women’s division, Daria Sirotina (RUS) is already out of the 8-ball. Yesterday, she lost 5:6 to totally unheralded Laura Frances (ESP). Today, she could not find any weapon against Diana Khodjaeva (BEL) and lost again 4:6.

在稍早的8號球項目上,女子組方面,Jasmin Ouschan在前一天敗給了俄羅斯的Kristina Tkach後,在敗部迎來了來自荷蘭的Tamara Peeters-RademakersOuschan這一戰打得並不輕鬆,在經過了8局之後,雙方佔成4:4。第9局輪到荷蘭選手的開球局,開球後母球洗袋,這也成為了她最後一次的上場,Ouschan上場後,清光檯面並取得5:4的聽牌領先,下一局則輪回到Ouschan的開球,最終Ouschan就以6:4擊敗Peeters-Rademakers

而衛冕冠軍俄羅斯的Daria Sirotina,先以5:6輸給了西班牙的Laura Frances,又以4:6不敵比利時的Diana Khodjaeva,接連兩場的敗仗也讓她在8號球項目宣告出局。


In the men’s division, the tournament was already down to the single elimination stage of the final 64 players today. Defending Champion Nick van den Berg (NED) is still in, winning 8:1 over Michal Hajduch (SVK). He will play Francisco-Diaz (ESP) in the next round. Nick Ekonomopoulos (GRE) has suffered a shattering defeat. He lost 7:8 to Tomas Larsson (SWE). Another shattering defeat was handed to David Alcaide (ESP). The sender was Ruslan Chinakhov (RUS) who won the match with Alcaide 8:6. BCA Hall of Famer Ralf Souquet (GER) eliminated Christian Sparrenloev-Fischer(SWE) 8:5 and will now play Albin Ouschan (AUT) who sneaked past Andreas Roschkowsky (GER) with 8:7.

而在男子組方面,已進行到最後64強單敗淘汰賽階段。衛冕冠軍荷蘭名將Nick van den Berg 8:1擊退斯洛伐克選手Michal Hajduch,下一輪將面對到西班牙的Francisco-Diaz。接下來兩場令人吃驚的比賽,目前世界排名第12的希臘好手Nick Ekonomopoulos及西班牙名將David Alcaide7:8敗給了瑞典選手Tomas LarssonRuslan Chinakhov


In the wheelchair division, only a few 8-ball matches were played today. Jouni Tahti (FIN) lost the winner’s qualification round match to Tony Southern (GBR) with 4:5. Southern is the first semi-finalist in the wheelchair division. He is joined by Kurt Deklerck (BEL) who won 5:3 over Roy Kimberley (GBR).

輪子組方面,剛奪下10號球冠軍的芬蘭名將Jouni Tahti在勝部資格賽4:5輸給了英國的Tony Southern。另一場比賽則由比利時的Kurt Deklerck以5:3擊敗英國的Roy KimberleySouthernDeklerck在贏下比賽後雙雙進入到了四強之列中。

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The tournament will continue tomorrow at 09:00 local time with men’s and women’s 8-ball matches. The final matches in 8-ball in all three divisions will be played at 20:00 local time.

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More information about participants, schedules, achievements, rankings, etc can be found on the event website

The event will be hosted by the European Pocket Billiard Federation EPBF and organized by International Billiard Promotion Foundation IBPF.

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  1. 女子團體共二點,分別為8號、9號。同一出賽比點數。1:1平手時,進行Shoot Out (點球),四位選手依序各出三桿比得分,母球置於開球線中點,8號球置於腳點。
  2. 男子團體共三點,分別為8號、9號、10號球。同一出賽比點數。2:0後,最後一點儘管打到一半也同樣暫停無需再打。